Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday 5

Me and one of the guys from Salsa Con Coco.

Now back to the Thursday 5.






Got a little Giggly at practice last night. We joked that our dance partner ship was like a really bad codependent relationship. "Give me some space", "Don't push me"... :)

Wishin' I was gettin' all Snuggly with my man... was supposed to be, but... well, you all know how that goes some times. *I'm lookin at you Navy* :(

I am thankful that my blood work from yesterdays doc visit came back and only said I was vitamin D deficient and not anemic. I chalk that up to living the Pacific NW.

I am excited to dress up for Halloween this year, even if it's because my Monkey isn't home. I haven't done anything for Halloween for the last three years. I LOVE dressing up. That's why i love ballet. You are never too old to wear a tutu. At least, in the "appropriate" setting.

I got a bit of glee in my not so awesome week from a pretty really nice little gift I received.

Happy Thursday, one more to go!

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  1. Cute answers for all of those! Btw I have given you a blog award! Go check out my blog and see it!