Monday, October 18, 2010

Monkey Mail - Getting Closer

So he's getting even closer to his fish. Only two signatures left! He promises pictures. 
I'm skipping the part of the email where he talks about getting himself in trouble. I'll let him tell that one since I still don't know the whole story. 

Here's portions of his email. The parts in brackets are my edits for various reasons.

"Hey mrs beautiful! Miss you. I have kinda been a rack monster recently, stopped staying up all the time because i dont like standing watch tired. Makes you unalert. Even if you are caffeinated to high heaven (Thats further from under water).

I have two signatures left on my card. Im working on lookups for one of them and the other is a test that involves running around and acting like there is a fire... I think anyways. They take pictues when we get pinned. But if we are doing the dependant's cruise i might see about getting pinned after we pick you up. I'm not sure that will work though. Especially being a Nav type, just cause we have so much [stuff] to do while piloting. If not though, you will have pictures at least.

Also - i figured out that if i say the word "missile" in an email, it triggers radio to have to read it.
[yyyeahhh... story for this later]

I HAD THE FUNNIEST MOMENT LAST NIGHT! We were working on an [_______] ([Sailor M] and I). Its just a little electronic position sensor that is really like... the embodiment of over-engineering. Anyhoozle, we got to talking about something... and [Sailor M] who recently got his fish had the audacity to call me a nub. This cracks me up because once i get my fish, I am senior to him by qualifications.
[..."Funniest Moment" story for later...]

There isn't really much going on. Cant wait to see you. Our schedule is gonna be weird when we get back. 

Anyways. Gonna get back to it. Love you honey!"


  1. LOL I would love to see the list of all the words that trigger emails to be read...I'd write an entire email of just those words LOL

  2. Awe, cant wait to see pics. Cant wait to see HIM! I need one of his awesome hugs.