Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pardon my absence.

I've been practicing being domestic. :) Monkey is home on leave so I've been trying my hand at doing this wife thing and cooking for him. Last night I made fish and brown rice, and today I am trying my hand at pumpkin cheese cake. The fish was ok. It tasted really good but was a little over done. I think I just need practice. That and a stove top that sits flat. The drip trays on the stove top in the new apt are the wrong size so the burners don't sit flat, making it pretty hard to cook anything evenly. I keep meaning to go to the office and ask them to replace them. 

The cheesecake seems to taste ok, but I'm not sure about the consistency. It has to finish chilling before I know for sure. I didn't use the right kind of pan because we only had little shallow cake pans. Well, anyway, this was the practice one. I'll be making three more, I'm sure by then I'll have it figured out. I will be going and getting a the right kind of pan before continuing with the others. 

Well, there you have it. I'm cooking stuff. haha. Go domestic Ducky!

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