Monday, December 6, 2010

What are the odds?

OK, I'm just going to whine for a second. Yes I realize that it could be worse, he could be deployed. But since he's not, I would have liked to have taken advantage of that since next year he likely will be gone. I am grateful that he is here, just that circumstances are disappointing. And I know, he's not the only one, every one in this duty section are stuck with the same crappy schedule. I guess I'm still learning about what I should and should not get my hopes up about.

What are the odds that he would end up with duty on every single holiday event (except one).

He had duty on Thanksgiving. (And had to work the next day) He had duty for his holiday party. He has duty for my family christmas get together, he has duty this weekend for a holiday party we were supposed to go to and if he didn't have leave, he would have had duty on New Years Eve. Which would have been doubly bad, because besides the fact that it's new years eve, it's also the night of my salsa performance.

Ok, I'm done. Not another word about that. (umm, probably)

It will be so great when he finally has leave and we can move into the new place and just be "us" for a while.

And speaking of the new place...
In happier news, we got the keys to the new place this weekend! (Though several hours later than expected - that's all I'll say about that. ) We spent Saturday night there on an air mattress with some hot cocoa and a fire log watching a movie on my very old laptop. Before hand we went shopping for food and some kitchen stuff but it took us so long that by the time we got back we were too pooped and not really hungry any more. So we didn't even eat dinner.

We spent Sunday getting more stuff for the kitchen. It is ridiculous how much stuff you need for a minimally functioning kitchen. Then we picked up a shower curtain and bath mat for the master bathroom. It's super cute now. The first night we had to use the guest bath to shower because we forgot to get a shower curtain and the guest bath has sliding shower doors. I actually like that shower better.

I like them!!! Especially the bowls.
For those who have a vested interest in our kitchen decor, we decided to do black and white and teal. (Dark Turquoise/Peacock blue green-ish) Here are the plates we picked out. The decision went something like this. While at Safeway "Oh look honey, I like the plates here on this end cap", "I like them too. Let's get them." So now we have these plates and bowls. To be filled in with Teal plates, also. These plates specifically.

We still need a couch and we still need lamps and nightstands, and a microwave. Yes, I totally thought there was a microwave there. There is not. We will be needing one of those!

Like I said, i am totally excited for him to finally get on leave so we can finish moving in! When we have places to sit, we will have people over. I ate every meal sitting on the counter. Which is actually quite spacious. Unlike the "walk-in" closets. *scowl* Because we're on the top level our closets get cut off with the roof line and are NOT anywhere as big as the model we were shown. They could have at least warned us. That was part of the reason we chose this place. We needed closet space. It's a darned good thing there is a second little closet in the 'changing area'. Big bummer there. And the living room doesn't work very well because the fireplace is raised so high that you can't put the TV above it. Which forces us to put the TV on the main wall and eat up all the living space with the couch. Other than that we LOVE the place. Just a couple unexpected things. Oh well, live and learn. I love the kitchen and I usually could care less about kitchens.


  1. I love the dishes!!!

  2. dont forget a toaster! you never really appericate a toaster until you want toast :)

  3. oh and a crockpot! they are like god's gift to the lazy.... still kate

  4. The dishes are great! We have black & cream square dishes. They go just fine with my red kitchen. Have fun moving in and decorating:)

  5. haha, OMG Kate...a toaster! I we will definitely need a toaster. Well, I will.. he can't eat toast. But good call! Also, yes I will probably become good friends with a crock pot. :D

  6. Or a toaster oven (sorry creeping on the previous comments) You can do so much with them- toast, yummy sandwiches etc.
    Anyways, LOVE the dishes.

  7. Well, since he's subs, I'm guessing the odds are pretty damn high! :P Friggin sub schedule... Hubby was on three section duty right up until we left the island. In fact, he had the duty the day we left!

    LOVE the new dishes! Very cute. And I like the black, white, and teal color scheme!

  8. oh yes justkate the crokc pot is fantastic and i love your dishes!

  9. I'm in the process of getting ready to move myself, it is so crazy when you sit down and think of all the things you need, especially for a kitchen! Luckily my family is getting me a lot of household appliances for Christmas! :)

  10. just catching up on your wonderful blog - both of your writings are just a 'breath-of-fresh-air' to read! - i LOVE the dishes, and your 'elf' pics - and re: World of Warcraft cancellation, it gave my old, earthy heart a tug (and a fleeting thought there might just have been a pig flying around somewhere!) Ly and I love to shop, so we're getting together a 'basketful' of stuff for you (i picked up a black throw rug just yesterday - not quite knowing why,(but i did know B likes black), and then saw your dishes today - serendipity! so, thank you for your blogs - you both are like stars in a feel-good movie.