Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things my husband forgot to do.

1. Blog: I haven't been blogging because I've been waiting for him to make a [mostly] promised post. But, he has been busy/tired/playing WoW. (Yes, I thought he quit too.) So, I guess I will continue on my blogging way.

2. Tell me that he does not in fact have duty on the day of my family Christmas party, and in fact does not have duty this weekend at all: I've been stressing out about it for weeks... how does he forget to tell me this little nugget of info? Since I thought he was going to be gone, I kind of planned to spend much of the weekend gluing rhinestones onto my Salsa costume. Sorry honey.
It will be nice to get a head start on the packing and moving though.

3. Tell me that his leave was un-shortened: They originally had almost three weeks of leave. Then I was told that it would only be two. So, I removed that time off request from my calendar at work. He informed me last night that it would be three weeks and that he doesn't even remember when that happened. Luckily my boss is super awesome with all my many many time off changes due to good ol' Navy predictability, that he let me have the days back no problem. Thank you boss.

In other news:
Monkey and my cat are now on the same special diet. For the last year or so, Monkey has tried to maintain a more or less gluten free diet since we figured out that he seems to be sensitive to it. Recently, I read an article about cats and how the grains in most cat foods are not actually good for them and can cause all kinds of digestive problems. My cat has had symptoms similar to what they described from the day we got her. So, I have started her on a new grain free/gluten free cat food. Hope it helps her. It's sure helped Monkey. :D

And just for fun:
Last weekend Monkey and his buddy decided to float on over to Seattle to attempt to consume 5lbs of omelet and hash brown! After about a half an hour, they declared the endeavor a tie. 
That's three pounds of Omelet on top of two pounds of hashbrowns!

I think that is actually quite impressive!


  1. wow! Very impressive eating skills I have to agree!

  2. Those are some pretty big things to forget! Sounds like something my husband would do! haha And that omelet is crazy!

  3. Jeebus, did you forget to feed him? :P
    PS: The new expansion for WoW came out in early December -- I'd put money on it that he's grinding his way to 85.

  4. Gotta love when they forget to tell you things ;)
    And our pup is on a grain free diet too, poor thing licks his feet raw if he has grains. Glad you get extra time with your husband (even if he did forget to tell you haha)

  5. I am so glad he got the time off, that is awesome. Sorry he didnt tell you, he has always been kinda bad at that lol. Thanks for the update, cant wait to see the place after you move in. Let me know if you need help. Does this mean he will be here for Christmas? I am confused. Oh and if you are busy gluing rhinestones, I have no problem taking him off your hands for a bit this weekend, although, he would probably rather help you glue, lol.

  6. Were they at Beth's?? Awesome omelets!

    Hopefully all those eggs will improve Monkey's memory in the future! ;-)