Thursday, December 16, 2010

Since I'm so Forgetfull...

The past 32 hours have been super fun. Spent about 24 hours on watch, six hours sleeping and the rest of the time helping with maintenance. Oh! I got to eat somewhere in there. Had to stand by for a buddy who had to run the PRT a little late.

Beth's Cafe this weekend was awesome! I highly recommend it. The omelet we ordered was called the Southwestern Exposure. Very good. On top of being huge. It was 16 bucks i think for the massive 12 egg version. Filled with Chile, sour cream and salsa. It was fantastic. Hard to eat at first though, the heat slowed me down a lot. You can order a 6 egg version of it if you want to. Fantastic.

So yes, my leave period got "extended". Really what that means is more that it has returned to its original length and its not that i forgot to mention it - it is in fact that I did not notice it. We have been so busy that i honestly did not realize i was signing for the original dates again. So... not so much forgetting as failing to notice on account of the fact that the past 4 weeks at work i have spent running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Duty this Sunday! Oh boy that has been a wild ride. The navy (or at least my command) is phenomenally skilled at changing its mind and not making a point to inform personnel promptly. I mean... see above paragraph. Up until two days ago all i knew for sure was that we were shifting births. I didn't have any confirmation on rather or not the duty section rotation was changing. If i forgot to mention this, it was for a whopping 5 hours between me finding out for sure and informing. They do not give us very straight forward answers sometimes.

As it turns out.. they were switching the duty sections around and my crew would be excluded from the rotation. This was great because it meant that i would have Sunday off. Well that all changed yesterday when my chief called down to the boat to have someone inform me that even though we were out of rotation, i was to stand-in for someone on the other crew who has mono and is out. This was after i let everyone know that i would have Sunday off and we would be able to attend. I immediately called my chief back and pleaded to him to have someone else stand by because i had made plans. He was kind enough to oblige me and gave my Sea-Dad duty that day instead. He was not happy. Sorry there Sea-Diddy.

And finally... though i would argue that the two other accusations are in fact not (entirely) my fault. Yes... I did forget to blog. Shame on Monkey... But here it is.

Love you Ducky!

There is more that has transpired though... The other crew needs three Nav-ETs (that's my rate) to go underway with them because they are short handed. They are needed for the whole patrol. They wanted a NavSup, a LanTech and a NavWatch. It so happens that of all the third classes in my division i am the ONLY one who is qualified both NavWatch and LanTech. That is in fact lucky for me. There are three other third classes in my division who have all been there longer than me and I am qualified in-rate watches further than any of them. Because of this i have the least to work on so I am NOT a likely candidate for the underway. I should be getting off-crew but this is not for sure yet.

Everyone cross your fingers for me and hope that i get to stay on land please! Prayers needed.

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