Monday, November 29, 2010

Elfing around.

I think i only posted once last week. Perhaps I will do better this week. Perhaps not. I already know it may potentially be a disappointing week. He kind of ended up on the worst possible duty rotation. It just happens that he had duty on Thanksgiving. So he was stuck up in WA on the boat all day. Then had to work the following day. Which meant of our potential 4 days together, we got two - and some change. Bummer. But then, come to find out he'll also have duty this Friday. This Friday is his command holiday party. I was really looking forward to it. I got the day off work and everything. The biggest reason this makes me so mad is because they don't even own the boat right now. They are in refit assist. Come on, just one night? Please guys? 
Also, it's getting down to the wire and he still hasn't been able to put in his request for leave. Which would start the day AFTER my family Christmas get together. URG! He has duty that weekend too so if he makes it, he'll have to drive down, go to the gathering, then drive all the way back up in one day. Not very fun. None of my extended family have met him yet. I especially want him to meet my uncle. I knew he was in the navy, but I didn't know he was also on subs. And even taught at the base Monkey is on. Cool, right?
Somewhere in all this we have to find a day that both of us can get into the apartment on the same day to sign the lease and start moving stuff so we can get moved before Christmas. 

Ok, well... besides all that, here is something much more FUN!!!
This weekend we helped out selling Jelly at "America's largest Christmas bazzaar". My ballet teacher also has another business selling super nummy home-made jams and jellies. I volunteered to help and got Monkey to help out too. He happily obliged, even though he would have to dress like an elf. :D For several hours, in public. hehe. I'm all for dressing up in silly costumes, but Monkey was such as trooper, doing this for me. Love him! 

Mrs. Claus was there too, but she was taking the picture!
Caught mid snacking!

That's better!

Too cool for elf school!

Why do i keep hearing jingling every where i go?

Elfy love!

Goofy elves!


  1. You know it's true love when they'll wear ridiculous costumes for you ;)

  2. Haha, I don't think Hubby would dress like an elf for me! :)

    I wonder if anyone would swap with him for the night of the holiday party? On Hubby's last boat, the guys all made sure the person who stood duty that night wouldn't mind missing the party. That sucks you were separated for Thanksgiving and now the holiday party!

  3. lol those costumes are awesome!!

  4. Cute pictures! I love the costumes, and it looks like you two had a lot of fun :)

  5. You guys are adorable. I wish I could have seen you in person, but you make the cutest little elves.