Monday, November 8, 2010

Homecoming adventures.

In case you missed my last post. Monkey's home!
On my way to retrieving my husband I had a few adventures of my own.

Adventure one: Getting on base
Usually when i get on base I just drive up, show my ID, have the same conversation about why I don't have stickers yet and get a temporary pass. I've never had a problem. Turns out this is because I've always been there on a weekend. Since I was there when pass and ID was open i had to go in and get a full pass even. Wondering how all the people who don't have a military ID who were going on the dependent's cruise were going to get on base, i grab my number sit down and wait. When i got to the counter I was very prepared. I had all my documents that were noted on the bulletin board all ready to go for the lady at the counter. I "knew" from experience that she was going to have an issue with the fact that my car registration is still in my old last name. I can't change it easily because the bank still owns the title. Last time monkey went to get me stickers we had the same situation and they gave me a month pass no problem so i figured a few days would be no biggie. I was wrong. We went in circles about it for about 10 minutes. Her telling me that if i had my marriage license she could get me stickers. Me telling her that we tired that before and were told that we still couldn't. Apparently they changed the rules. I didn't know this so i didn't think to bring it. But, hubs has it. But i can't get to it because he's on the boat, that I am here to go on a cruise on and it's still in the ocean. Circles circles circles, finally after 20 or so minutes she gave me a pass on the premise that I come back the next day with the marriage certificate. Which I did. In the end it worked out because now i have stickers, but, geesh. Hadn't bargained for that run around.

Adventure two: Help?
Mmm, yeah... I am now officially "that girl" that did that. We had one last chance to hit the bathroom before the hour and half bus ride to the 'undisclosed location'. Went into the stall, did my business and unlocked the door to exit the stall. Pushed the door... it didn't open. Pulled the door... it didn't open. Jiggled the door... it didn't open. Tried the lock... it didn't open. In my head I thought to myself, "I can't believe I'm about to do this". As I yell, "Help, I'm STUCK!!" I hear the other ladies giggling as the door finally pops open. Luckily i knew one of the other girls so I made a point to laugh it off. But yeah, I'm that girl, that got stuck in the bathroom. haha

Adventure three: temporary homelessness. 
Since they changed the date at the last minute I wasn't able to get a room on base for all 4 nights I was going to be there. Well, first off, i counted wrong so I might have had two at one place but by the time I realized my error there were no more rooms available. I wanted to stay on base because it's much much cheaper than staying off base and because I wanted to be close so I could have as much time as possible with Monkey in the mornings after he got back knowing he would still have to go into work. It eventually worked out. One of the other boat wives was super great and offered to let me stay at their place the night before the cruise, and the third night i ended up staying off base but managed to snag what seemed like the last hotel room in the city under $100. And kind of by accident, and I didn't get it until a few hours before i checked in. Since my checkout was early friday morning and i had no place to go, i got up with Monkey early and was planning on just crashing in his barracks till he got back and we could figure something out. Well a few hours later i got a phone call from him informing me that if they did a random room inspection i would be escorted out by security. ( I think that would have been funny actually) He had no internet so i called a number i had happened to write down the week before. Turns out it was the main number for a whole chain of hotels and they were able to get me into the last room in a nearby hotel for $80 instead of the regular $120. I still had to wait till 3 so i drove to the mall and window shopped. I was very very good. i didn't buy anything. Which was hard because all the cute winter clothes are out! I knew i would be in trouble if I did. Last time he left me unattended at that mall i came back with more bags than I could carry. :) So, i walked around, had lunch at Red Robin by myself and finally checked in and waited for monkey to get off work.

Adventure four: Flashlight camping in a hotel
Saturday night we stayed at the Navy Lodge on base. There was a scheduled power outage on that block of the base so when i checked in there were no lights. I was escorted down the dark hallway to my room and given a flashlight "just in case". The room was bright enough from the window and the power was supposed to be back on any time. Then it wasn't. I was getting cold, and bored. I really wanted to shower but there was not light in the shower. I couldn't get on the internet or watch TV. Eventually it started to get dark. Flashlight required. Monkey had come to the hotel eventually and I had to lead him to the room with the light from my cell phone. We got tired of sitting in the dark so we went out to eat hoping the power would come back on. It hadn't so we went to see a movie but the one we wanted to see didn't start for another hour and a half. So, we went to Bestbuy and fell in love with some Bose speakers. We called again and the power had finally come back on so we stopped by the mini next and got a DVD from the Red Box and had a cuddle movie. That was nice.

So that was my weekend. Now he's home (in portland) for a few days. :) Time for him to catch up with family and friends. Unfortunately I can't really miss any more dance classes so I don't get to see him until late tonight, but it's still awesome to come home to him in our bed. *happy sigh*


  1. I feel like I'd be that girl in the bathroom too.... Glad to hear he's home!

  2. Wow, sounds like a lot of crazy adventures! Glad to hear Monkey is home. :)

    Great to see you on the mil spouse weekly roundup!