Friday, November 19, 2010


I haven't had enough for a full post in few days, so here's just some tid-bits of what's been going on.

- We got the apartment! Yea! I'm so excited to have a place that is just ours. I'm also excited to decorate it! However, we have no furniture, or dishes, or well... anything. Except, a bed and a TV and entertainment center. (Thank you Pop!) I think tonight, our budget date night will be treasure hunting at goodwill for paintable furniture and possibly funky dishes. Maybe we'll find some decor things too, like mirrors or art. Curtains? Lamps? Who knows - adventure I say!

- A little bad news, Monkey has duty on Thanksgiving and wont be able to come home. He will be home the next day though so at least I get a few extra hours with him that weekend. I really wanted to take him down to meet the rest of my family that he hasn't met yet, though. I guess we'll try again for Christmas.

- His car has decided that it wants to be difficult. The check engine light as been coming off and on, and it's been having problems starting up. We had to push-start it last weekend, and yesterday he couldn't get it started at all. It sounds like he got it working today so he can make it home tonight. *fingers crossed* Ever since he picked it up from deployed parking it's been acting up and seems to be getting progressively worse. He has some leads as to what it might be. We're hoping that it ends up being the not expensive one. :/

Things are back to "normal" right now. He's coming down for the weekend. I'll see him tonight! Yay! Can not wait to squeeze him and kiss him!


  1. dollar tree is a good friend for dishes as well :)

  2. Try local thrift shops and antique stores, we pretty much did our whole house that way for cheap and I love it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for no more difficulty from the vehicle!

  3. I found a side table on craigslist for $5, painted it, and now it looks like a table I saw in Pottery Barn's magazine a few weeks ago. Score! Maybe you can find something on that site?

    I hope it's something as simple as replacing the battery or cables in your car. Replacing the starter (or solenoid, if it's not part of the starter) sucks!