Thursday, November 11, 2010

I feel special

I am a day late in posting this because Monkey's home and I've been, of course, spending all my free time with him!

Yesterday, the awesome Kate over at Livin' Our Love Song posted a feature about me/our blog for her "WonderWoman Wednesday" series! Thank you Kate! It makes me feel special that someone else thinks my blog is cool enough to share with all of her bloggie friends. I also follow her blog and it's one of my favorites. So, go ahead, go check out her WonderWoman Wednesday post and the rest of her blog.


  1. awww congrats mama.... happy vet's day too! hope you enjoyed all the freebies like i did heheee :P this is my first vet's day spent actually celebrating. ooh and your a navy wife, yay!!! im a newlywed milspouse :) nice to meet you

  2. i really enjoyed reading your interview! and that map is super cute. i love your drawings! feel free to make one for me :) haha

  3. Just read the interview and LOVED it. You totally deserve the recognition for all of the hard work you do on this. Cant thank you enough. It was great seeing you the other night btw.