Monday, November 15, 2010

Good to be back!

***This is a post from Monkey! He has been underway so many of you have not seen him post before. He actually posts here frequently so you can look forward to more from him in the next few months while he's still on dry land. Enjoy. (p.s. I am "Ducky" below) ***

The blog has gained a lot of followers since I was adventuring. Good job Ducky! I don't really know where to begin, or what to say. Blogging is best when events are fresh in your head. There aren't really too many, i have vented almost everything.

I like all the random submarine questions I get. Some of them are silly to me know though, i think that a couple years ago I would have asked the same ones. Maybe not all of them...

Most exciting thing now -and it's very exciting- is our apartment. We finally get our own place, wish i would be there more often. The thought of it drove me crazy underway. Kept thinking about how nice it would be.

Got to spend most of the last week with Ducky. It was excellent. She had to work though. I spent much of my time catching up on sleep and scouring everything west of PDX for the perfect desk. Which by the way doesn't exist.

Apparently my geeky needs are a little too extreme for modern furniture. I mean... is a place to put six computer screens too much to ask? Am I reaching for the stars here? Eventually i found one that will work for now. I am sitting in my "throne" presently. Right not its just 4 screens - But it does feel rather like I could control an Imperial Star Destroyer from here. It is a nice feeling!

Anyhoozle... Ducky did a very nice job of covering important high-lights during the patrol. I haz the feesh [Fish].... they feel good. Thanks to Ducky for keeping up on emails while i was away, they brightened my day, just imagining her speaking the words.

I also feel a sudden urge to buy a digeridoo.

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  1. It was so GREAT to see you. I am so proud of you and so happy you guys will be getting your own apartment. Somehow I know you will make 6 computer screens work no matter what. I would think 4 would be enough, but to each their own lol. Love you so much, thanks for making time for us. Ducky is awesome at keeping us posted while you are gone, she makes it bearable. Oh and it would be the coolest thing if you got a digeridoo, I LOVE them.