Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A day I thought I'd never see.

The sky is falling! Hell hath frozen over! A pig just flew by! Ladies and gentlemen hold on to your hats you are not going to believe what just happened!!! My husband, the die-hard defender of the game, has just QUIT WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! Quit playing, canceled his account, all done!

From the day I met him, I never ever thought this would happen. EVER! I mean, I'm not going to complain too much. From day one, I have been competing for attention with this game. But I will miss so diligently trying to distract him while he's in the middle of some big raid or boss or whatever. ;)

Anyway, i won't go into detail as to the reasons, he can share if he feels so inclined. But i just wanted to share the monumentous turn of events!!!

Look, there goes another flying pig!


  1. dude its a miracle, guys love their stupid video games almost as much as i love scrabble. something big must have happened you should have him take a picture to commerate this huge step into becoming an adult!!lol hi guys
    ~just kate

  2. I know you must be excited! I wish J would throw Call of Duty out the window!

  3. My husband plays on and off... Since the deployment, he's been off and I don't think he will rejoin when he gets back. I know how excited you are, believe me!! I was happy when he stopped playing for a while.

  4. HAHA. I encouraged hubby to rejoin when he got back- he plays with the guys at work and it gives them something to talk about. Although every once in awhile I rethink giving the green light ;)

  5. OMG You quit before Cat came out?!?! What is wrong with you!?!?!?!?!?!