Monday, November 22, 2010

Fancy Monkey

This weekend ended up being a little more expensive that we anticipated. But, it was for a good cause.
Lately, Monkey has decided that he wants to start dressing with a little more style. I think this is something that guys do at this age. And I am all for it! I've wanted to dress him up for so long! We went to the mall to get him a pair of "stylish shoes" he's had his eyes on for a few days, and came back with the shoes, correctly fitting jean, a new button up shirt, nice belt, and a suit! A suit ladies and gents! He looks SO handsome in it. I just melted when he put the jacket on in the store. He was going to just get the jacket but the pants were on sale and I figured he might as well have the set just in case he actually needs full on suit one day. So I bought the pants for him. We even had them hemmed so they were the right length.

It was all on sale, plus coupons so we got everything for less than half price.

New jacket, shirt he already owned, new jeans (that fit really well), new shoes (actually a half boot!). There's a new belt in there too but you can't see it under his shirt. I took a normal picture too, but he's just so cute when he's being goofy so I posted this one instead. :)

I also got the shopping bug and picked up a new pair of boots (half price) and a sweater dress for work (also on sale). I stopped there. I had to put it all in a bag or I wouldn't stop. :) And on a side note, Monkey is also an excellent shopping buddy. To start, if I tell him I have a budget or I don't want to spend too much, he reminds me of that when I get a little too excited. I do appreciate that. But also, he actually helps! He doesn't follow me around like a lost puppy whining one minute only to disappear in the tool department the next. No, he actually helps. I ask him what he thinks and he has an opinion. If he see's something he thinks would look cute on me, he points it out. I love it! And he'll even offer... OFFER... to hold my purse so I can try stuff on. LOVE HIM!

We were feeling fancy when we got home so I sweet talked my mom into taking us out to dinner so we could go out and dress up with out having to spend any more money. Thank you Mom and Dad. :D

No luck at Goodwill for furniture but we found a bunch of other stuff that we will go back for once we are in the apartment and know exactly what spaces we have to fill.

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