Friday, March 25, 2011

The long lost Friday Fill-in.

I haven't done one of these in a while. I think I'll jump back on it this week due to a serious lack of real content in the last few weeks.

So here we go. Link up here, with Wifey.

1. What is your must have gadget? submitted by Flying High With My Flyboy
Hmm... I'm not really one of those gadgety kinds of people. But, I always have my phone and my ipod touch with me. (I really should just get an iphone, but I don't want to spend that much for the service plan)

2. How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid? submitted by L to the Third
As a kid, I don't think I really imagined what my adulthood would be. In highschool I was pretty sure that i would be stuck in some retail job forever, or get lucky and find a rich man who would take care of me. :)  I ended up with neither of those scenarios, and I'm glad. I have a great job and can take care of myself. I'm active, and confident and doing much better than I ever though I would. (Oh did I mention I had very low self esteem when I was younger.) 
I also never imagined I would be married to a sailor and be a military wife! So far that's working out, too. :)

3. What is your favorite chocolate recipe?  submitted by Our First Deployment
Umm, the ones that include... chocolate!!!

4. How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard? submitted by Combat Boots And Pointe Shoes
So far I don't think I have hit the point of too much or too hard. A lot to handle, yes. Hard, yes. But I haven't been in the realm of "too", yet. But, when it gets difficult... I cry, and then I find friends who care about me, and I distract myself, and deal with what i need to do. Then I grow from it, get stronger, and keep going.

5. What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment?  submitted by The Albrecht Squad
Communicate with your husband! Talk about all your emotions going into it. And make sure you get all the information you need. 

Set personal goals for your deployment (lose weight, learn a skill, improve something, make something, start a project, etc). And, keep busy! The time goes by much faster when you are trying to accomplish something during several month stretch, rather than just waiting it out. Plus, then you have something to be proud of to show off to hubby when he gets home.

Nail down some support. If you family isn't near you, find a couple really good friends. Or, a good community activity with people who care about you.

Take a deep breath. You're gonna be OK!


  1. I cant imagine you with a low self esteem.

  2. I'm with you on the iPhone. I go back and forth on wanting one, but so far the cost is the deciding factor.