Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yeah, what he said...

I saw this video on Married my Airman.
Frikin hillarious and oh so true.
We, as wives/SO's, are all fighting the same fight back home to support our men. Can't we all just get along?
I also like the part at the very end for the guys. :)

Watch, laugh, learn.


  1. My friend had posted this on her FB sooo Funny and so true. We all hate tag chasers =]

  2. this guy is so sensitive and thoughtful - and it makes me feel good that there are people emphasizing the points he is making, and that there are people spreading them to others.. thank you.

  3. Hey thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog!!! =D Its almost over!! I have done ok.. It was a rough day.. seems like the closer we get the harder it is... =( Upside is ALMOST THERE!! Tahnks again for checking in!