Monday, August 8, 2011

A Boohoo and a Hooya - Week 10

Tomorrow I have to get up at 4am and then go up to Seattle with my team for a day full of meetings. I will therefor, not have time to post this tomorrow and don't feel like scheduling it. So, ya'll get this one day early. But, feel free to link up at any time during the week that you should happen upon this post.

You know how this works. Short format. Something that sucks, something that's awesome. Link up and link back. We all read, we all enjoy!

Boohoo: I'm trying to schedule a stand up paddling lesson for Monkey and myself but neither of the two places I'm trying to go to will get back to me. SO frustrating. Emails and phonecalls are both going unanswered. Grr....

Hooyah: We went to an AMAZING wedding over the weekend. Without a doubt, the best wedding I've evern been to! And as a bonus, I got to see hubby all spiffed up in a shirt and tie. Always so handsome all dressed up. :D Pics and post to follow (hopefully).
Then, the next day in an unintentional, though appropriate, omage to the couple who's wedding we attended (as they are avid bike riders); we took a 41 mile bike ride from Banks to Vernonia. All in all, it was a freakin' great weekend.

Your turn!

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