Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Boohoo and a Hooyah - Week 9

Alrighty folks, it's Tuesday (right?) so it's Boohoo Hooyah time.

For my two new followers (woohoo!), here's how it works. It's a short format way to vent about something that's not working out for your this week and then follow it up with something that's going well! Choose your appropriate battle cry depending on your branch. Link up and link back so everyone can join the fun.

Boohoo: Still haven't gotten our couples massage that I've been saying we were going to get for the last two weekends. And I really need one, but I want to go with Monkey. Aaaannnd, we kinda over-spent and tapped into our savings so we need to let that recharge for a while first.

Hooyah: We both got new mountain bikes and made a 14.5 mile loop around Hagg Lake on Sunday. Unfortunately, the trail we chose was a little ambitious for us, so after 10 minutes, several curse words, a minor cut and three bruises; we decided to just ride on the road. It was still fun and a great workout. We'll just have to find some easier trails and work up to the one-track-rutty-dumps-you-off-down a hill of prickly bushes-trail – at a later time.

Ok, your turn!

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  1. Ooh new mountain bikes! Your bike ride sounds hardcore, but also fun :) It's been too hot here to even go outside.