Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dishes, dishes and.... why aren't we going down?

Muahaha, So I am on shore for a little while still. Cant go into what happened here. But it always seems like its a funny thing that brings me back to port early.

Still doing dishes. Blah. Its alright I suppose. New set of people that are just not as cool as the old people, im the most senior one.

We just had a fire drill in my barracks, not sure why. But it was perfect timing because my helicopter had just finished charging, so i flew it out over the crowd as we were gathered. flew it right in front of one guys face too cause he annoys me! It was great! Awesome anniversary gift!

Ducky and I had a great last couple days together. I enjoy her company so much. I throw little love fits when i see her on the computer screen - this happens on a regular basis. I can't believe a whole year has gone by since we got married. I know that isnt that long really, but its a mile stone that i am proud of. I am amazed that we haven't even really been 'together' during the past year and yet we are still going strong, and getting along better than most couples.... almost all couples that i see. Its amazing that we fit as well as we do, the way we handle each other. I didnt even know i could love and respect a person this much. I have never smiled so much as in the past year, my face muscles could rival a rabid bull! Every little thing she does still makes me laugh, and warms my heart just because what she does is so 'her'. I love her SO!

So here's to a year, a year apart - but a year that has brought me closer to anyone than i have ever been. I am even more honored today, than i was the day we were wed - to be with my Ducky. She truly is the warmth in my heart, the fire in my soul that pushes me through the day.

And on that note - I really do mean it! I frequently ask myself; "Would i put my name on this work, the name that my wife bares with me?" Its a strange and wonderful thing, I think.

Super sleepy right now so i cant go into the wonderful affairs of the boat. Lets just say that i am more of a 'dig-it' than i thought. I cant stand these little weenies that come to the boat thinking they wouldn't have to work, and complaining that they are treated poorly when they clearly are not...

I shall squish them.

Sleepy time - soooo tired!


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so happy you are so happy. I think the both of your are great together. I am glad she makes you smile because I do so love your Mickey Mouse smile..:) I love you.

  2. well, my semi-illiterate computer mind just figured out how to do this (i hope) - anyway, i just caught up on your blogs (?) and want to tell you just how very inspirational and fun you both are - it's very comforting to see you both living/planning your life the way you are - and 'ditto' for me on Mickey Mouse smiles. Love you, and keep on...