Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkey Mail! - Tired but Determined

You all are long overdue for an update.

Most of the gremlins from the last post have been taken care of. Turns out T-mobile owes him money. The verizon thing is going to be a little more difficult but he obviously can't deal with it until he gets back.

There hasn't been anything I can talk about in Navy biz because for the last two weeks it's been 'ok, we're leaving. No, now we're not leaving. Yes, now we are again. No, we moved it' etc. So finally, Thursday morning they left, bright and early. ...and I didn't get to say good bye. I had practice 'till late, then I had a going away party to go to. There was a small window between me getting out of practice and him having to go on watch. And we misaligned and missed it. So no goodbyes. :( And, he wasn't able to tell me when he'll be back. I kind of know, but I have no firm date. The last time I saw him he didn't remember the date, and once he knew he couldn't tell me because he can't tell me over the phone. So... we'll all just have to wait.

Yesterday I got my first piece of Monkey mail. The first ones seem to always be short. He sounds tired but determined. Here's a piece of his email:
"i have been working on qualifying a different watch that they need me to stand. Kind of excited about it. I need to get it done so bad though! Ships quals have gotten a little harder actually, just hit a bit of a road block. But im told that its because im "nuking" it. I just like to actually know what im talking about. But i still have to make up for some check-outs that were a little too easy. So between that and the watch, and sleeping which i dont think im gonna do for the rest of this under way - i have a plan - i have been well worked."

You can tell how tired he is by how he's typing. And I'm not quite sure what he's saying there at the end. He goes on to say that the only thing that's really stressing him out is one guy who's got a bit of an unwarranted power trip. I've met this guy. B is probably not exaggerating.

So, now we wait.

I'm super proud of him, and can not wait for him to get home! I will of course be keeping you all updated as things transpire.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Katrina, it is really so thoughtful of you. You will have to let me know around when he is supposed to be back. And we would love to do lunch again sometime soon.