Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Monkey Mail!

Hey, surprise! I got another piece of Monkey mail last night! Yay! This one was a little bit longer and less scattered. Here is most of it, edited for context, names, etc:
"I really cant even remember how many days i have been underway now, i know it hasnt been more than a few, but with the 18 hour business i kinda get thrown off. Yesterday i thought it was monday all day long and didnt realize it until i saw that they were serving dinner for breakfast. They of course were actually serving dinner - I just got confused.

Been working on quals, quals and more quals. I was going over some quals with [Sailor Joe] and [Sailor Bob] knocked my note book out of my hand. Like "FRESHMAN" style. It was kinda funny. So I just laughed at it, like "roger that...". Then I waited a little while and pulled out a pink Jolly Rancher (you might remember that he likes anything that is pink). So I gave it to him and let him unwrap it about half way and then slapped it out of his hand. Everybody laughed. Sweet vengance!

... [Sailor Bill] and [Sailor Bob] are trying to pick on me and it kinda shows, the great thing about it is that with my personality - I get mad that they would try to do that and that anger gets tunneled into tenacity. It looks like I will actually be qualified before [Sailor Bill] - THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!

oooooooh. Anyways! Im so close to the end of my qualifications - getting a little more antsy in some ways and a little less in others. Learning a lot.... I get compliments still fom a few A-gangers that i know my shit really well which makes me happy.

So, there isnt really much other than that. Been kinda the same thing over and over again, Quals quals quals!

And speaking of which i gotta get to a meeting so i can probably get another signature on my air block."

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