Monday, August 16, 2010

Frikin gremilins!

Gah! We just start to get everything all sorted out and the gremlins come out to play!

As I'm opening his mail last night, I find a bill from Verizon for almost $300! Then two collection notices for that account. He calls to find out what's going on and it turns out it's from an account he canceled months ago but they have apparently still been billing him for. Verizon says they can't do anything about it because it's gone to collections, and collections says they can't do anything because all they do is collect money. This should be fun...

There is also a mysterious $68 credit or bill from a T-Mobile account he hasn't had for a very long time. We can't figure out which one it is. Seems to be a credit, so he has to call get and that figured out too.

And, he got a ticket for running a toll booth. He knew that one was coming, though. He forgot to move over to the right lanes at Tacoma Narrows and accidentally bypassed that paystation. The only problem is it's really overdue now. We should really go get his mail more often.

This wouldn't all be so bad except the collections thing is going to mess up his credit that we've been working to rebuild, and he doesn't have a lot of time to fix it before he goes underway again. And he doesn't really have any time during the days to deal with it.

It's really all just really annoying. A lot of annoying, all at once.

And on a side note, we haven't seen each other for over two weeks now. :( I guess we've been spoiled. We used to make it about two months before we started getting all pathetic about it when he was on the east coast. :/

That's all. Just new stresses. Had to vent. Nothing else to really talk about right now. Most everything going on on the boat we can't talk about, and since he hasn't been home we haven't had any adventures.

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  1. just hang in there - 'this too shall pass'- if you can't get verizon thing straightened out, contact KATU TV's 'On your side' (i think that's what it's called) - they apparently love this kind of thing and will try to help you with it - by the way, I saw an ad for a performance called 'burn the floor' - 9/7-12 i think, at keller auditorium - it's ballroom dance, all revved up. you both might enjoy it, if you can. Miss you, B - when can we expect you again? and miss seeing you, Kat - can we go to lunch or something when you have time? many blessings - and smoother roads - to you both - gma