Thursday, February 3, 2011

I want to be a professional crafter.

Every time I get on Etsy I see all this cool stuff and think, "Hey, I know how to do that. I can sell that? Neat!" By the time I'm done looking at all the pretty pillows and bags and the like, i am super inspired and want to just go hog wild at the craft store and make stuff!

It also makes me wish I could just drop everything and craft, and just have a craft business full time on Etsy. Realistically, I know it doesn't work that way. I think, though, that most of that come from that fact that I would love nothing more than to pack up and move up to WA with hubs and be crafty all day. That would make me sooo happy. I love making stuff. I love being creative with materials. And hey, I would love to make a living doing it. 

Maybe one day. One day I will be able to quit filling up all my extra time with dancing and working out so I can start to do some part time crafting and see if something takes off. I have so many ideas already. I would have to make a niche for myself, since I'm sure the market is flooded with pretty pillows and bags and such. Ideas! Oh the ideas in my head! *mmm, taking a moment* 

Perhaps, I will make this my goal for this next deployment. Pick a craft. Make a bunch. Put them on Etsy, and see what happens. Who knows, maybe at least he'll come home to some extra cash in the bank account and we can take a little va-ca? Or... buy night stands and a proper bedding set. Or... I just found something fun to do while he was away. Either way it's a win in my book. 


  1. I feel the same way every time I look at Etsy. My biggest problem would be deciding what kind of craftiness I would want to put my efforts into (that and the whole financial aspect haha)

  2. excellent idea! my girlfriends and I try to have craft day once every few weeks nothing I make is ever good enough to sell tho ha!

  3. Definitely do it! I love Etsy shops

    <3, New Follower