Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirsdae Fife

Hey-howdy-hey! Ducky asked me to do the Thursday Five! Been working 12 hours days every day this week. This is supposed to be the easy, less stressful part of our cycle but then again, I'm a Nav-ET. Got WoW to run on Ubuntu! Pretty excited about that! This means I am 90% ready to be done with the tyranny of Microsoft forever!


I'm using for the second time in my whole life; an honest, non-pirated operating system. Seems kinda silly but that's rare for me, I don't like paying for Microsoft's sub-par programming. No more! I must say that Ubuntu is Splendid. Its practically perfect! I discovered this week that I have less than spectacular aim with an M16. I feel fancy? Well perhaps not "fancy" but sort of! I felt pretty good when I did my interview for BCEF today. Fancy is kinda fitting. :-D


  1. that was almost like reading a foreign language!

  2. I think you are spectacular and find it splendid that you are honest. I would say that you are a perfect son but then I wouldnt want it to go to your head and you start thinking you are all fancy and stuff...;)