Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A short long-weekend catchup

So Monks had a four day weekend. Woohoo! :D

Since i had to take a half day off work thursday to drive up there for a meeting, I decided to just go ahead and take the whole long weekend with him. Get in as much monkey time as I can before I'm riding solo again. I mean, it's a little bit before they leave, but they're getting into refit soon and that means fewer and shorter weekends together. 

After the meeting we did some bowling. My first game always sucks. My second is always great. And if there had been a third, it wouldn't have been as swell as  the second, but still better than the first. I always have to get my groove back. 

Then we stopped at the bar on base. We met with some of his buddies playing pool. I just wanted to dance. I mean real dancing. There is usually at least one or two good cha chas and sometimes a good salsa. They were doing karaoke that night. At first I thought that it would be rude to steal someones thunder while they're trying to sing. But 15 really crappy singers, and most of an amaretto sour later, I decided i didn't care. I wanted to dance. So we went out there and got a few dances in. We even managed to get a waltz in at the last minute. That's right. We waltzed, in a bar, to Karaoke. Yes we did. We are that cool. (Or, nerdy. Whichever you prefer.)

We were supposed to tree to tree high ropes adventure course with some of his friends that were coming down to Portland for other stuff. But, the place doesn't open again until March. So, instead we were going to hit the rock wall gym again, but Monkey's phone died and he only had a car charger. We didn't manage to go many places once we finally got home so it never got charged.

I'm leaving out parts, because I said this would be short and it's not. But I'll end with... we finally got our taxes done! Woo, and we're actually getting money back this year. Thanks to the active duty tax credit. Thank you turbo tax. Neither of us knew that existed. So, we're going to put that money into savings and let it just sit there. We have no plans for it right now, even though we really need some stuff for the house yet. I figure as long as we have it, we won't need it. 

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