Monday, February 7, 2011

Our couch is going to make us lazy.

Well, I hope not anyway.... 

You see, this weekend we FINALLY got our new couch. It was delivered at the not-so-convenient time of 8:00 Saturday morning. I guess it was ok because it meant that we wouldn't miss out on kickboxing. But, when we got home... we planted ourselves on our new couch and stayed there until Sunday night. We literally didn't do anything. We watched Scrubs seasons all weekend. And played facebook games on our laptops. We were truly and utterly lazy.

We failed to go shopping, failed to do our taxes, failed to go running like I promised Monkey i would go do with him. We even ordered pizza. (We recently discovered a nearby pizza place that has a gluten free crust option. And they make very very good, albeit, very expensive pizza.)

In my partial defense of not getting off the couch, i made the mistake of eating the hummus that always always makes my stomach hurt. I always think, if I just have less than last time, it won't do that to me again. Nope, an hour later, I'm curled up in a ball whining and swearing I'll stop eating that brand.

At the end of the weekend, we both looked at each other and said, "Wow, we were so lazy. This couch is going to make us lazy!" I'm hoping that we're just getting not having a couch out of our system and the novelty will soon wear off. I think though, we need to make a routine so that we will at least get the essentials, like grocery shopping, done before we plop ourselves down and enter veg-out mode. 


  1. We are so guilty of being couch potatoes too. It wears off after a little while of enjoying the new comfy couch ;) Don't feel to bad; it's still winter so laziness is totally allowed.

  2. Hey being lazy is sometimes good. ;)

    I'm Gris a new follower. Saw your post on the Mil Spouse Roundup.