Saturday, September 17, 2011

Awesome things...

So, for the last three years or so we have lived two very apart lives. For the first year or so he was living on the East coast (me on the West coast) going to his various Navy schools. Then he was given orders to Georgia. Super suck. But, we managed to make a fuss and get him an Ord Mod to WA. Less suck, but suck none the less. So, for the last year and some change we've been living about 3 hours apart. I see him on most weekends when the boat is in, some weekends when it's in refit, and obviously underway is underway. 

BUT!!!!!!!! Our last crisis has turned into a happy blessing! You see, we were not so happy when they ended geobach on his base and we found out we have to find him an apartment. (ie. we have to pay for two apartments) He ended up being offered a spare bedroom in an apartment with his friend and his wife. Well, this just works out perfectly because as I later realized that means when I go up there I don't have to pay for a hotel. Meaning I can come up much more often. Like every week more often! Because my job is allowing me to work remote two days a week!!!! So i'll drive up, work from there, get to spend a couple extra nights with my sailor, then drive back down to work from the office for a few days, then right back up again. Rinse and repeat!!!! Saweeeetttt!  

Ok, downside... lots and lots and lots of driving. But I really think that's a small price to pay for two extra days a week with my love!!!  

In other news, because I'm up here this weekend and he has duty for the third weekend in a row... (ug), I decided to have a girly day and get a hair cut, color, and pedicure. 

I was just going to get my bangs trimmed and the color refreshed, but I've been kind of annoyed with it lately, and it keeps getting all caught up in my gi collar in Jiu Jitsu so I decide to chop 6 or 7 inches off. I call it my "Jiu Jitsu hair". 

I'm just sad though, that he won't get to see it today when it looks all salon perfect. The next time I see him he'll be walking in the door at about 9am and I'll probably still be in bed = messy bedhead. And not the sexy kind.

Well, I guess that's enough for today. I need to go to the NEX and buy some toothpaste. I packed in a haste and forgot it. And, after last night's garlic fries... blech! I need it bad! Definitely before Monkey gets back.


  1. Hair looks great. I am happy for you guys, its great that you will be able to see him more. Sad for us tho, because it sounds like he wont be coming home as much...:(

  2. Yay! Seeing your husband more is always a good thing :) And your hair looks awesome!

  3. You are so gorgeous!! Hairs looks great! :)