Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home decore and a boring weekend.

Well, I have to say this weekend isn't as bad as it was going to be, but I'm still bummed.

Originally, Monkey thought he was going to be on the boat all night Friday and wouldn't be coming home. Turns out because of some technicalities, he didn't have to stay all night. He got home about midnight on Friday. But, he's on his way back right now. He is working later today and on Labor day. I mean, I understand, they've got work to do. The boat has to be ready. But, now I have two days unplanned, and for the life of me I can't think of anything to do by myself. I don't have to work, and all of my gyms/studios are closed for the holiday. It's also a beautiful day which make it even more difficult.

We made use of the one day he was home, though. For our anniversary my parents got us a giftcard to Bed Bath and Beyond. So, after perusing the bedding section for the 5th time and not coming to a consensus on an amicable style, we opted to solve our dilemma of the poorly designed bedroom/bathroom. In theory this set up is quite convenient. The sink is outside of the toilet/shower room. And across from the sink is a second mirrored closet. (Perfectly sized for a certain sailors civilian wardrobe) It's great because one person can be using the bathroom/shower and the other can still get to the sink to brush teeth/put on make up/etc. The problem with this is that if you are laying on the bed and someone is at the sink with the lights on, you are blinded  by the vanity lights above the mirror. To solve this problem, we picked up a tension curtain rod and a single panel of a curtain. We hung the curtain as a door between the bedroom and the sink area. It doesn't block out all the light but it at least block the direct line of sight to the glaring lightbulbs. Plus, it's pretty. It's the only pop of color we have in the bedroom. Until this, we had only decorated the bathroom. And only out of necessity, because you kind of need a shower curtain and bathmat. 

Oh, I forgot. I also took him to Men's Warehouse and bought him some investment shirts. (read: expensive shirts) They were having a buy on get one free sale. I went in with a pretty good budget and ended up doubling it. Oops. But it's worth it. He owns maybe two nice shirts. He has a problem finding shirts that fit him well because he has such a big chest. By the time they fit his chest they are like a tent on the rest of him. So, I took him to get four new shirts and had them tailored so they would fit him correctly. I also had him sized for a jacket so they have all his measurements in their system and I can get him clothes while he's gone and stock his closet a little bit at a time. We also took pictures of some ties that I will get for him in the future. I just couldn't spend any more money on that trip. 

Ok, so that wasn't very exciting. But, I'm trying to relieve some boredom by blogging. Anyways, hope you all have a great long weekend. Do something fun for me. :)

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  1. Ugh, I hate those half days where they come home too late, go in too early, and no actual quality time is spent together. Glad you two could go shopping, though!