Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And the winner is...

After polling my fellow bloggers and facebookers and family and coworkers and husband and possibly even my cat... I have made a decision on my dresses!

I am going with "Option A" and "Option B" (see previous post) but in a teal instead of pink. A lot of people said the same thing. That they really liked the dress but the pink was a bit much. So, I had them bring me over a teal one in the same dress from another store.

*pretend I'm smiling in the second one. Today's pictures were taken a bit more hastily. Just needed something to text to the hubby who was waiting from afar to give his feedback.

The dresses are now in the process of being taken in a teeny bit, hemmed, and having straps added to them. I know, I know! Why ruin a perfectly good strapless gown with straps!? Well, because I want to be able to dance in them. Like, really dance. Waltz, foxtrot... that kind of thing. And strapless dresses+small curves+raised arms = a show for the sailors! So, I'm having them add halter straps that will tie in a bow and have really long tails that run down my back. I think it will be very pretty and will make my shoulders look nice. The good news is, that they will be removable. So they are optional should i have a fancy occasion where there is no dancing. Or if I just change my mind on the whole strap thing.

Now all i have to do is figure out shoes and hair. Hair is going to be my biggest challenge. I've never had to do anything with hair this short. Guess it wasn't the best time to cut it all off! :) 
I'm very open to suggestions.


  1. I'm going to say Option #1. I love that color on you and it compliments your curves! AHHH you make me want to ask about the next ball coming up lol. I've never been to one but I'm hoping to go to one :) Hopefully we can keep in touch, I'm a new follower!

  2. Ooh, I love it in the teal! Good choice on the color switch!

  3. My husband was looking over my shoulder when I was looking through your dresses and we both agree that we love the teal one!!! Very beautiful!! :D Have lots of fun and take pics!! :D