Friday, September 2, 2011


So, the geo-batch-getting-cut-situation seems to be contained to his base. Turns out they are tearing down a couple of the barracks buildings so there is less room, so they are kicking out the geo-bachelors. *eye roll*  The thing is, I happen to know that there are guys in there who currently are required to live in the barracks until they make E5 who don't want to be there... seems to me that if you let them move out, (btw, some of them already have moved out on the sly so there are vacant rooms) there would be room for people who need those rooms. Just saying. 
Just saying. 

Monkey did find a friend who is going to rent him an extra room in he and his wife's new apartment for a very affordable price. (Thank you Sailor N and Mrs. N!) So, thank goodness for that. I don't know how permanent that situation will be, but it at least takes care of the immediate issue. 

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