Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Randomocity

A Random event:
So, we were taking a walk yesterday in an attempt to get some sort of exercise after a long night of eating deliciously bad for us food. We decided to walk through some other neighborhood just for the sake of walking longer. We passed this older man getting into his green 1960's ford pickumup truck. We nod and smile like good pretend neighbors would. Then he yells out his rolled down window to Monkey, "Hey, are you a guitar player?!" to which he puzzedly replies, "Well, a little bit. Why?"
Then the old guy just smiles and drives away.  We were perplexed, amused, and creeped out, all at once. 

A Random story: 
While wasting some time at Fred Meyer last night between our West Coast Swing lesson and the social party, I was trying to decide on a shirt and Monkey had wandered off somewhere. From across the isle I hear, "Hey hon, I think I need these!" He's sporting some plastic white rimmed sunglasses. Possibly meant for women. I responded with, "Yeah.. I think you'd have to be bigger douche to wear sunglasses like that." He pauses, thinks about it, and replies... "I think I need to be a bigger douche." 

No babe, you don't. I like my douche-free hubby just the way he his, thank you. :)

The end.


  1. Haha, yay for random events :) And I totally understanding wanting to keep your hubby douche-free :)

  2. Ha! That's hilarious! Just stopping by to say hello and thanks for following! :) I'm now following u as well!! (I also stole ur button!) Don't be a stranger! :)