Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attempting not to be angry at their ingorance.

I had another post lined up and then I realized that I can't post it yet. So instead am going to very ambiguously rant. I can't go into details but once it has all panned out you can bet it will be up here. 

I was just asked to help pull an extremely distasteful prank on my husband. I was basically asked to give him some very false information in order to get a reaction out of him. I don't know what else they plan on saying to exasperate the knowledge of this "information". Needless to say I will NOT be aiding in such a prank.

Instead I lied, and gave them more or less, a "maybe" answer. I did this so that I could tattle on them and give Monkey the opportunity to choose his course of action. He can A. Smack them upside the head for even considering such a ridiculous thing AND for trying to get his wife to help them with it! -or- B. Prank them back and pretend I actually told him this false information, play along and see how he can freak them out. 

Personally I hope he goes for option A. Regardless, what ever happens I will be making a point to inform this person of the many reasons it's a terrible idea to pull this prank and even more terrible to ask someone's wife to help.

At first I was just really angry but then it was pointed out to be that this person suffering from ignorance and not stupidity. They lack the life experience to understand how distasteful this is. I'm still very upset, but I guess I can see how this person thinks this would be funny. I plan to inform him, sternly, why it is not. 

Anyway, we'll see how this pans out and I'll update when it does.

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