Friday, December 30, 2011

Help me pick my NYE dress!

I realize this is a bit short notice, but I just decided on what I'm doing for New Years Eve. I'm going salsa dancing. Mostly because there aren't a lot of fun safe things to do when you're flying solo. At the salsa club there will be a whole bunch of people that I know. I'm in the "scene" like that. haha. I guess.

Anyway. Three options to choose from and some pros and cons. Whatya think?

Pros: It fits the best of the three.
Cons: it's black. Not very salsa-y.

Pros: It's red, it's cute.
Cons: It might be a little too short for some salsa moves. I will be wearing shorts under as always just in case... but I am a lady, you know! No chaperone = hyper aware of showing off too much.

Pros: It's pretty, it's purple. No chance of any wardrobe malfunctions.
Cons: It's a bit long to be very functional for salsa. It's stretchy so it will work, but I can see it getting in the way for bachatta, backwards dips, large steps, etc.

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