Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I went to the doctor this morning.

Turns out I'm vitamin K deficient which might explain why my legs look like a dalmatian after jiu jitsu practice.

I also have finally, after many many years, broken down and gotten an inhaler. Last week, when it was so hard to breath that my face started to get cold, I decided it was serious enough to look into. (For the record, it's never been close to that bad before)

Also,  Honest to goodness I had this conversation with my doctor this morning:
Doctor: Do you smoke?
Me: Nope
Doctor: *pauses* not even marijuana?
Me: Ha, No.
Doctor: Do you drink
Me: Hardly ever
Doctor: Geez, what fun are you?

Haha, thanks Doc.

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    Merry Christmas..