Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boohoo/Hooyah - Week 12

Well it's been a while since I've done this link up. I'm using a new Linky tool because the one I was using just doesn't work any more and they have absolutely no way to contact them.

If you're new to my blog or have missed this in the past, here's how this one works. You simply give a "Boohoo" (something that hasn't been going well, or that you want to vent about), then follow it up with something positive, a "Hooyah" (or your appropriate battle cry, or Booyah if you like/are a civilian.) Then you link up here, below. 

Enjoy! I love reading these and always read and comment.

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I'll go first!

Boohoo:Haven't heard from Monkey is while. And, I didn't get any warning this time. It's not the waiting; it's the not know how long the waiting will last.

Hooyah: I finally got my first degree in Jiu Jitsu. That means I get to put a stripe on my belt. I was supposed to get it a couple weeks ago but then our instructor found out that there was an opportunity for us to visit another studio and get our stripes from Professor Anibal Lobo. So, I had to wait for that. After the degrees were given out we were told that there would be open mat. We were told before hand that there was supposed to be a class. Disappointed, our instructor told Prof. Anibal that we were hoping for a class. He asked us what we wanted to work on and my friend and I (the only other girl there) ended up getting a 15-20 min semi private lesson with him! It was very cool.

Ok, your turn.
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