Friday, December 30, 2011

Help me pick my NYE dress!

I realize this is a bit short notice, but I just decided on what I'm doing for New Years Eve. I'm going salsa dancing. Mostly because there aren't a lot of fun safe things to do when you're flying solo. At the salsa club there will be a whole bunch of people that I know. I'm in the "scene" like that. haha. I guess.

Anyway. Three options to choose from and some pros and cons. Whatya think?

Pros: It fits the best of the three.
Cons: it's black. Not very salsa-y.

Pros: It's red, it's cute.
Cons: It might be a little too short for some salsa moves. I will be wearing shorts under as always just in case... but I am a lady, you know! No chaperone = hyper aware of showing off too much.

Pros: It's pretty, it's purple. No chance of any wardrobe malfunctions.
Cons: It's a bit long to be very functional for salsa. It's stretchy so it will work, but I can see it getting in the way for bachatta, backwards dips, large steps, etc.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attempting not to be angry at their ingorance.

I had another post lined up and then I realized that I can't post it yet. So instead am going to very ambiguously rant. I can't go into details but once it has all panned out you can bet it will be up here. 

I was just asked to help pull an extremely distasteful prank on my husband. I was basically asked to give him some very false information in order to get a reaction out of him. I don't know what else they plan on saying to exasperate the knowledge of this "information". Needless to say I will NOT be aiding in such a prank.

Instead I lied, and gave them more or less, a "maybe" answer. I did this so that I could tattle on them and give Monkey the opportunity to choose his course of action. He can A. Smack them upside the head for even considering such a ridiculous thing AND for trying to get his wife to help them with it! -or- B. Prank them back and pretend I actually told him this false information, play along and see how he can freak them out. 

Personally I hope he goes for option A. Regardless, what ever happens I will be making a point to inform this person of the many reasons it's a terrible idea to pull this prank and even more terrible to ask someone's wife to help.

At first I was just really angry but then it was pointed out to be that this person suffering from ignorance and not stupidity. They lack the life experience to understand how distasteful this is. I'm still very upset, but I guess I can see how this person thinks this would be funny. I plan to inform him, sternly, why it is not. 

Anyway, we'll see how this pans out and I'll update when it does.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boohoo/Hooyah - Week 13

Ok well, I'm not being that consistent with this as far as the day I post it, but at least I've got it going again.

It's time for another Boohoo and a Hooyah. It's super easy. It's a short-format way to vent about something that's not going right this week, and then follow it up with something positive you'd like share/brag about, etc. You can use Hooyah, Oorah, or whatever your appropriate battle cry may be. Then, link up here so we can all share. I always read and comment on every link.

So, go ahead. Grab the button, link up, and get your Hooyah/Oorah/Hooah on! 


Boohoo: Still haven't heard from Monkey. It's been 20 days now. I'm really hoping that Santa brings me some Monkey Mail!

Hooyah: I started taking Ballroom lessons again. I knew I missed it but I forgot how much I loved it. It's been tough finding out all the little stuff I've forgotten but I'm starting to get my feet back under me again. It's just too bad that I can't afford it after my intro package runs out.

I also found a new martial arts academy near my house that I can start going to on the weekends. They have a few classes I want to check out, including one called "tricking". That sounds fun, right?! Again, it's on a groupon, so I don't know if I'll be continuing that after the first package. 

Needless to say, I'm keeping myself very busy and it's definitely helping to keep me distracted for most of the underway. 

Ok, your turn. Link up below!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I went to the doctor this morning.

Turns out I'm vitamin K deficient which might explain why my legs look like a dalmatian after jiu jitsu practice.

I also have finally, after many many years, broken down and gotten an inhaler. Last week, when it was so hard to breath that my face started to get cold, I decided it was serious enough to look into. (For the record, it's never been close to that bad before)

Also,  Honest to goodness I had this conversation with my doctor this morning:
Doctor: Do you smoke?
Me: Nope
Doctor: *pauses* not even marijuana?
Me: Ha, No.
Doctor: Do you drink
Me: Hardly ever
Doctor: Geez, what fun are you?

Haha, thanks Doc.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One of "those" weekends.

Ever have one of those weekends? The ones where you are supposed to have a great uplifting time and you end up being emotionally drained and a little depressed? Yeah, I had one of those.

A couple of relationships that aren't what I thought they were. And, I found out some information about someone I just met that makes me not respect them any more.

My shoulder to mope on is somewhere under the ocean, and I haven't heard from him in something like two weeks...

Blah. I'll get over it. Just a little... blahaarrgggboohoo... this morning. Need to find a pick-me-up.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is your man amazing?

I've been meaning to kick off my page entitled "Being Amazing... you're doing it right" for quite some time now.
This page is a dedication to our hard working men serving our country and, most importantly, our hearts.
Every so often I come across a post made by one of my mil-spouse ladies who's husband has taken the time to be absolutely amazing, romantic, sweet, caring, or otherwise awesome!

I'm posting links to those posts here so we can all smile and be romanced vicariously through the softer side of some of our warriors.

The plan was to collect these posts and link to them from that page. But, life happened and I haven't been able to sit down and collect enough to get started.

So, I'm asking for your submissions! Have you made a post any time in the past about something amazing/sweet/romantic that your military man has done for you? Leave the link in a comment or email it to me at monkeysducky {at} gmail {dot} com.

If I choose yours (and I will be choosing a bunch) you will also get a badge for your blog. Something to the effect of "My Military Man is Amazing" (You know, so I link to you and you link to me. Win Win and stuff)

After I get this going I will add new links as I come across them. (I will always message you and ask your permission first.) So, keep checking back for new stories of our soldiers and sailors and airmen, etc who have taken time from protecting our country to serve our hearts.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boohoo/Hooyah - Week 12

Well it's been a while since I've done this link up. I'm using a new Linky tool because the one I was using just doesn't work any more and they have absolutely no way to contact them.

If you're new to my blog or have missed this in the past, here's how this one works. You simply give a "Boohoo" (something that hasn't been going well, or that you want to vent about), then follow it up with something positive, a "Hooyah" (or your appropriate battle cry, or Booyah if you like/are a civilian.) Then you link up here, below. 

Enjoy! I love reading these and always read and comment.

Feel free to grab the button for your post!
I'll go first!

Boohoo:Haven't heard from Monkey is while. And, I didn't get any warning this time. It's not the waiting; it's the not know how long the waiting will last.

Hooyah: I finally got my first degree in Jiu Jitsu. That means I get to put a stripe on my belt. I was supposed to get it a couple weeks ago but then our instructor found out that there was an opportunity for us to visit another studio and get our stripes from Professor Anibal Lobo. So, I had to wait for that. After the degrees were given out we were told that there would be open mat. We were told before hand that there was supposed to be a class. Disappointed, our instructor told Prof. Anibal that we were hoping for a class. He asked us what we wanted to work on and my friend and I (the only other girl there) ended up getting a 15-20 min semi private lesson with him! It was very cool.

Ok, your turn.
Link up below and share on your blog so everyone can join in!

Sailors go salsa dancing!

So, I discovered this draft post in my blogger just now. I think I was waiting to add photos to it and just never got around to finishing it. Entirely out of context, here is a random adventure from this summer.

Adventure 2 of 3:

A couple of Monkey's buds came down to go to a high ropes and zip line challenge course. They didn't call ahead so they couldn't go when they had planned. Instead, they went to the outdoor go-cart racetrack and had a blast with unlimited bracelets. I was at work so I have no pictures for you.

However, Monkey had talked them into going salsa dancing with us that night! Neither of them had been before so I was really excited to take them on their virgin salsa voyage. They both did really great! There was supposed to be a lesson before the dancing started but the instructor just happened to be out of town that night. So, Monkey and I gave them a brief lesson to get them started. They learned the basic and how to turn the lady. They were very brave and each danced a whole song with me out on the floor at least once. One of them even grabbed a girl he didn't know and danced with her.  It was such a great night!

Funny how, on their time off, they still manage to all dress alike!

Monkey giving Sailor E a salsa lesson.

Because, as we here informed, you can't just go to one place when you go out for an evening, we set off to find another bar before we called it a night. Mind you, this was a Thursday night, so we had a hard time finding a place that was open after midnight. We found a place close to home, and got our drinks only to find out that they closed in 25 minutes. Which meant that Monkey couldn't finish his drink since he was the DD.

Of course, on the way home we had to stop for some post funk drive-though food. By this point, both of our salsero sailors had decided that they were going to speak with British accents. So, they commenced ordering their chicken nuggets with said accents. Quite amusing, actually.

I had a ton of fun. I love getting new people out learning salsa! I know at least one of them said they wanted to go out and try it again.

The next morning they left to try the zipline place again and Monkey and I packed for adventure #3 – Lake Billy Chinook.

Look for the third Adventure installment soon/maybe eventually.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monkey Mail

"Hey sweetie!

 Its been busy. Piloting, evaluation team and I'm also port and starboard on watch now, which means I'm on watch an average of 12 hours per day. Until someone else in my crew qualifies nav-watch. So its been super-busy. I got a whole truckload of your emails all at once, and i haven't had a chance to read them all yet. [...]

Anyways, like i said this is my only chance to get some sleep. I will be playing catch-up on your emails tomorrow. I got 1-25. There are 4 people in line behind me to use this computer.

Love you sweety!
Hope you are well!

" Hey beautiful girl! i sat down last night with a print out of all your emails in chronological order so i could straighten everything out. [...] As I was reading that print-out last night someone asked me what book i was reading, it was 25 pages long. I said it was emails from my wife for this patrol. He said something to the effect of, 'Damn... you guys must be friends'. I thought that was funny. (Of course we're friends. Best friends!)

 I got your package in the mail-drop! Very sweet - thank you so much.... Its a little after the fact but that doesn't matter. I am very much enjoying it,[...] Thank you so much for everything you do, you are such a wonderful wife. I'm keeping you. lol. (I'm glad. I think I'll keep him too. )  :)


  *kisses* "