Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monkey Mail!

Now that he's back, here is some belated Monkey mail.

Enjoy this story of underway pie-in-face shenanigans:

"Oh! I do have some [...] shenanigans to share with you. As you know, during refit i framed (for a joke, nothing serious) [Sailor E] by singing some Teriyaki Boys in the main fan room. During the [...] auction, they auction off pies which you get to throw at a person of your choice. 
Well, [Sailor E] bought one to throw at ANAV. After he had won the bid on the pie, I commenced giving him a hard time about that day and repeating the song to him. He decided to change his target. So I was on watch and he walks in and grabs the nav-sup and chief and talks to them in the back of the room while i was conducting a procedure. [Sailor E] then walks out and the former nav-sup says 'I stand relieved, [Monkey] - I relieve you.' I knew what was going on immediately. I stood up and immediately began some emergency plotting - I had to think of something fast, and chief had a brilliant idea... 
Not only was it [...], but it was also our division's laundry day, and being towards the end of the day - we all had a bag of clean clothes on our bunks. I quickly changed out of my own uniform and into [Sailor E's]. Might serve as an indication to you as well that i can fit into [Sailor E's] uniform (not with a lot of spare room, mind you). I covered the name-tapes, ranks and the like with duct tape and argued to everyone that i had it all covered up because i didn't want the whipped-cream to stain the name-tapes.

 I stepped on to crews mess to receive my face-pie... A few people ask about the tape, nobody notices that this uniform looks just a tad smaller than my normal ones. [Sailor E] grabs the pie and says 'Close your eyes!' I shut my eyes just waiting for the imminent creamy doom. He then pauses and says 'Wait... Hey, how did that song go again?'

 So I started singing.. 'I WONDA IF YOU KNOW WHEN YOU LIVE IN TOK.......'

 >>>>BAAAMM<<<<< Face-pie. It landed mostly on the shoulder of my (really, his) uniform. Everyone laughs. Including me while i wipe some cream off my face. I look at [Sailor E] while grabbing the piece of duct-tape covering the name on the uniform.

  'Oh [darn], I [messed] up my uniform!' I quickly pulled the tape off revealing the name of his own uniform. He laughed in a disappointed but highly entertained fashion. This ordeal by most accounts was the best face-pie of the night."

He's back! Well... most of him!

That's right. Monkey's back! Yea!!!!
And, he seems to have left 34 pounds of himself somewhere in the ocean. :)

I was able to go to the pier to meet him and I could tell all the way from pier while he was standing topside that we was smaller! It was actually a little like hugging a different person. I'm so proud of him. I'm hoping that we can keep this up together and his good work will be me back on track.

Also, we won first kiss!!!! Which meant that he was the first one off the boat! They had someone taking pictures but I don't know who or how to get a hold of the pictures or where they are going to show up. I would love to have a picture of it, since we are not allowed to bring our own cameras down to the pier. The other great thing is that he, for the fist time ever, did not have first night duty. So, as soon as he hopped off the boat, we got to leave! Which was good timing because it was starting to get really cold down there.

I was only able to stay for a couple nights. Even though I had called the night before and the lady confirmed three time "through Wednesday", I actually had to check out this morning. And there were no more rooms at either hotel on base. So, begrudgingly I returned home a day and a half early.

So our next order of business is to find the poor homeless guy a place to live. If you remember back, right before he deployed they ended geo-bach on his base because they are tearing down on of the barracks and don't have room. So, he is in-effect, homeless. He'll be couch surfing until we can find a place. A place he will spend his stand-down looking for instead of being home with me. ---> Not a happy wife<----

Well, that's all for now. Thought you all would like to know he's at least back on land. Even though we've got some loose ends to deal with before we can settle down for a little bit. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


Just FYI, I have exciting things to share, but I can't yet!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

That's trick!

This weekend I finally started using my google offer for a new martial arts place. I'm not switching studios, this place is just super close and I wanted to check it out. In a perfect world I would go to both. Because the one I'm at now has three hours of classes I can take every night, plus Capoeira. But this new place is a lot closer and has some different weekend classes. I wish I would have started sooner because I don't think I'll be able to take full advantage of it before Monkey gets back. However, that being said, it was really fun! For whatever reason, I had a TON of energy yesterday. I should have called a day earlier because I wasn't able to get in for the Jiu Jitsu class. But, I was able to get in for their adult mixed martial arts class and then the kickboxing class. Then today... TODAY!!!.... was "tricking" class! It's all the fun areal showy stuff. We learned butterfly kicks and started to get into butterfly twists. I kind of have the kicks but my attempts at the twists ended in my landing on my arse a few dozen time. On mats though. I'm super excited to go again next week!!! I'm going to bring a couple of my capo friends. I also want to get Monkey's little brother to try it out. I know he would have a blast.

For your reference here's what the kicks and twists look like.
I'm sure my kick does not look like that, yet. :) And my twist most definitely does not look like that. Right now it more like flail and flop.I haven't even come close to landing it. Just falling hard on the mats. But hey, not bad for day one. Excited to see where it goes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE - with pictures!!!

I decided to ring in the new year with a night of salsa dancing. It wasn't actually my first choice (due to some selfish - on my part- resentment involving a denied NYE salsa performance last year), but, I'm really glad I went. I had a lot of fun. And was surprisingly very en pointe the whole night! I haven't been salsa dancing much this last year. Very out of practice and VERY out of shape. My poor little feet just don't have the stamina that they used to!!!

Salsa is also a perfect solo-girl activity. Salsa actually has social dance rules so everyone is respectful. And everyone is there to DANCE and not hook up. Plus I always have friends there even when I show up alone, no matter which club I got to. Hubby would probably prefer that go salsa dancing by myself than to a bar with a group of girl friends. Always good, clean fun!

It took me a while to finally decide which dress to wear, my three choices all had pros and cons, but I'm very happy with the decision I made. And also very happy I decided to wear nylons and shorts under it. There was one guy, while very fun to dance with, like to do lifts and deep dips. A lot!

On a side note, I rarely wear lipstick, especially bright red lipstick. But since I had no one to smooch at midnight (and thus get lipstick on him), I decided this dress just called for some bright red lips!

Terrible form on my part, but fun.
He really really wanted to dance with me.

I'm going to be vain and mention that I hate my profile from the right side.

See, much better. And note the "waterfall twist" I figured out with the help from a you tube tutorial. had to get those bangs out of my face for optimal dancing performance. And honestly because I knew they would look nasty by the end of the night. :)

The night started a little slow, it seems like most of the salsa crowd headed over to the other salsa venue in town. Which, actually was good because it meant that there was plenty of room on the dance floor! The place was still plenty full so it was a good party.

I got to see a few people I haven't seen in a while, and met a few new folks who I hope to see out dancing again. It's kind of fun when I show up at the club now-a-days, since I've been out of it for so long. Most of the leads don't know who I am so they are pleasantly surprised when they realize I can actually dance. I was asked by several guys to come back out more often. :) We'll see. ;) 

By the end of the night my feet and ankles were sooooo tied. I could barely dance. I had to muster all my good foot technique to keep from rolling my ankle. Stepping sideways was nearly impossible. At one point I had decided I was done and had taken my shoes off when one of my favorite leads who I hadn't gotten to dance with asked me to dance finally. So I put the shoes back on, then danced a meringue, bachatta, and salsa with him. Then his friend, one of my other favorite leads, grabbed me for another dance. After that, I didn't care who asked, my feet were DONE! 

On another note: about the time I got home I got a text message. My sister FINALLY had her baby! Her water broke on Thursday!!!

Aiden Connor was born 2:45am this morning, 8lbs6oz, 19in. First baby not just at Emanual but in the entire Legacy system of 6 hospitals. Apparently someone at St V's got first in the city though.
Happy New Year every one!