Our Story

A Monkey (that's him) and a Ducky (that's me) in love and in the Navy.
It was quite the road that lead us here. It's going to take a little while to figure out exactly how tell you about it! 

Until then, here is a super brief overview to get you started.

How we met: He was my ballroom dance instructor. He bugged the poo out of me with his cheesy smile and his long hair. :) At first I refused to dance with him. But at one point he was the only male instructor left, so I had to. Then I got to know him. I quickly came to look forward to that cheesy smile. Now, it's my favorite thing in the world! 

(As the story goes) The first time he saw me I was at the dance studio taking a lesson with another instructor.  He said to himself, "I want to marry a girl like that one day." Little did he know, he would be marrying a girl exactly like that one day!! *I think that is just about as close to love at first sight as one can get! 

How I knew I loved him: For at least 6 months I was taking dance lessons i couldn't afford just so i could see him. I tired to call and tell him I couldn't do it anymore, but the thought of not being able to see him anymore made my heart hurt. 

How I knew I wanted to marry him: A trip from Portland, OR to Groton, CT and the hardest goodbye of my life.

When were we married: July 2009 - Just us, in a little garden by the beach. It was perfect. We will have a big wedding/vow renewal when he gets out of the Navy. Promise!

That's all I have time for right now. (I have to go to dance practice) 

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