Monday, January 21, 2013

New house updates and stuff.

Well hello there. Yes, I do still blog over here! It's just been so cray cray lately.

We close on our house NEXT WEEK! *Squee!*

In true military spouse style I've been doing a lot of it myself. He's been in and out, helping make decisions, but guess who gets to do all the paper work and scheduling. > Me < I'm not really complaining a lot. I just hope I don't have to pack and move myself.

Because this is not related to orders, we don't get help from the Navy for the move. That's fine, too.

Tomorrow we have the final house inspection to make sure all the little repairs were made from the first inspection. I also have to finish up the insurance paperwork. Once everything is processed, we will set a date for closing. :) Though, I'm still waiting to see if Monkey will even be home. Just like everything else in this crazy life, it's all up in the air until the very last second.

Then we get the very fun task of packing and hauling all our stuff from Portland to Vancouver. I'm thinking we'll probably just take car loads up day to day, since I work so near to the house. And then we'll have one final big move day to load up furniture and officially move in. ie. Sleep in our new home! Though, I have a feeling we'll get excited and end up taking over an air mattress and camping out in the living room in front of the fire for a couple nights. :)

Then we get to go buy house stuff! Of course, curtains are the first priority. Then after the washer/dryer, we'll wait until we get our tax return and get our bigger couch and art and maybe a grown up comforter set and new towels and stuff. We have our (very first) dining set on layaway right now. We were waiting for our loan to be approved so we couldn't drop a lot of cash so we put down the minimum amount and will pay for the rest when we're ready to have it ordered.

OK, that's all for now. Long story short. I'm still around. Just a little preoccupied.