Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Blog

Don't worry! I'm not leaving here. But, I have started another blog. It is an alternative fitness blog for the Portland area. I cover as many cool fitnessy and active things as I can find, along with product reviews and all those other bloggy things. Even if you don't live near Portland, you can still get fun ideas and find them in your area.

Please go check it out! Maybe like and share some stuff? I'm trying to get up to 100 followers as quickly as possible so I can connect with some networks.

It also has a companion twitter page @funkyfitnesspdx

Here's the URL!

Thanks guys!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dance, Dance!

A little over a year ago I put away my ballet slippers and put on a pair for boxing gloves. Since then I've missed those dirty pink slippers terribly. This week I finally got to put them back on. It was amazing. Painful, but amazing!

On Thursday I took my very first lyrical and contemporary classes. I had some time off of work and I wanted to try some new things. Saturday I was supposed to take a highly anticipated ballet class but ended up taking a hike up Mt. Hood with some friends instead. Monkey has the "weekend killer" Saturday duty so he's not home this weekend. So, this morning I got up early, had my oatmeal and made my way out to SW Portland for a beginner/intermediate ballet class that I found through Groupon. It was confusing, painful, and uterly fantastic! Oh my goodness I have lost so much, but it felt sooooo good to be back at the barre and out on the floor. I smiled the whole time. Afterwards there was a very beginner class so I stuck around for that one, too so I could work on some of the specific things that I couldn't do in the previous, faster paced class.

All in all I ended up spending two and a half hours dancing. Oh happy ballerina day! I can't wait for next week. :D

Friday, July 6, 2012

Well I've been a busy bee!

I've been running here there and everywhere doing everything that I've been meaning to do for months. Well, all the fun stuff anyway. I still have a bunch of free lance stuff I keep promising people.

Anyway, I decided to use my days off to go to all the fitness and dance classes that I've been meaning to try. So over the last couple of days I have been to Barre 3 classes, a contemporary and lyrical dance class, and a pole conditioning class. Today, I need a massage. Tomorrow I'm going to a ballet class. And Sunday I'm going to a Ballet/Contemporary fitness class.

All this was 50% for me and 50% for my new blog! I'm starting an alternative fitness blog. I'll basically find all the cool active stuff there is to do around Portland and write features, and reviews mixed with some recipes, nutrition, and product reviews. I'm having so much fun with this, I wish I could do this as my job!

I'm not quite ready to release the url for the blog just yet. I want to have a few solid articles up before it goes live and I have tidbits of stuff to fill in on each of my 5 features that I've already written. But, if you're as excited about this as I am, or just want to be my pal. Could you please follow the blog on Twitter? @funkyfitnesspdx

You'll get teasers of what's to come and be the first to know when the blog goes live. I know most of you don't live in portland but A. You can still use the features as ideas and find stuff in your area, and B. I would be very grateful. :)

Don't worry, I'll still be writing here as well.

See ya! I'm going to have some breakfast and think about going to noon kickboxing.

Monday, July 2, 2012

In other news

Here are some random tidbits of what's going on right meow.

Over the weekend

Yesterday we went to Multnomah falls with a friend of Monkey's and hiked the equivalent of 236 flights of stairs. By the end of the day I could barely lift my legs. Today my hips and knees are sore and I have two blisters on my right foot. Definitely worth it for the fresh air, time with Monkey, and some awesome exercise. Especially since we spent the first couple of miles speed hiking to get past all the tourists and lollygaggers at the bottom.

I think this is maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to the tippy tippy top. Monkey sportin his Spartan Race t-shirt from a couple weeks ago.
We don't often get a picture of the two of us that wasn't taken at arms length.

Like this one. :)  PS, I'll be the first to admit, I airbrushed this pic. (Crows feet, blemishes...) Yeah, I'm one of those girls, well sometimes. But hey, if I paid for the education to learn how, I might as well use it for my own good.

Anyway, on to the "other news" part of this post. 

This Week

This week I was supposed to be on vacation. However I greatly miss-guessed when their stand down/leave period would be. I figured I would reserve a week off then move it to the right or left when I knew more. Yeah, I was a little too far off. Like,  a month or so off. Since I really want to take some time off but couldn't possibly occupy myself for a whole week alone, I opted to just shorten it and take three days. Even at that, I'm not sure I'll be able to fill all of my time. Though, I suppose I could use the extra time to catch up on the freelance design stuff I've been promising people. 

Anyway, I'm taking Wed-Friday off to spend all by myself. It took me forever to decide which three days to take off. I won't go into details about my scaterbrained reasoning for why this decision was so difficult, but the final choice was pretty much decided by the fact that we are presenting the next round of logo comps we've been working on for weeks and I really want mine to be chosen so I want to be here for the presentation. 

I have lined up a schedule of all the fun fitness and dance classes that I've been meaning to take for quite some time. I'm also going to finally use the spa package Monkey bought be for my birthday. And then hopefully, go hiking again with some friends. Since my days off runs right into my weekend and Monkey has the "weekend killer" Saturday duty and I won't see him at all this weekend, I'll just carry that over through Saturday and Sunday as well. I bought a Groupon for some ballet-fitness classes that look like fun. So, pretty much I'll be exercising all day for 5 days straight. Well, except for that spa day. And, that sounds like the best 5 days ever. It could only be better if Monkey was here too.