About the Monkey

Hi! I'm the Monkey.

 First and foremost I am husband to the most beautiful, wonderful woman ever to walk the planet. I adore her from her head to her toes. I love every little part of everything she does. It's overwhelming sometimes. It comes out in seemingly childish fits of strange noises from occasion... not very manly. But its who I am and its what she does to me. My Ducky.

Now to more manly things...

As you might have guessed, I am in the Navy. I serve aboard a boomer submarine.  My submarine is capable of delivering a nuclear payload equivalent to several thousand times what Hiroshima and Nagasaki witnessed. It is sad that we need these weapons. But we need them none the less. That's what I am a part of. Navigation Electronics Technician, or NavET. Don't let Radiomen fool you; we do all the real stuff.

I am a geek. Hardcore. As I write this, my barracks room is host to seven computers. Five of which are mine, two I am repairing for friends. I love computers. I am also VERY opinionated with them. Windows sucks, Mac is the worst thing ever to curse a motherboard and Linux (Ubuntu flavor in particular) is god's gift to man kind. You cannot change my opinion. I also prefer Intel to AMD and nVidia to ATI although X-Fire is far superior to SLI. I play WoW... and though I am rather zealous with my game-play, I am not what you might call a nerd. Proud geek though!

Nerds are bad, Geeks have social skills.

Speaking of social skills - I love dancing! Prior to the Navy and post college, I taught ballroom dance for about two years. If I could do anything for a career - that would be it. Very difficult to get by though. As much as I wish it were a career - It will probably end up as more of a hobby.

Career wise I am having an identity crisis. I hate the Navy. I work WAY too much and most people with my job who have BEEN to Afghanistan (even under fire) say they would rather be there than back on a submarine. Its a lot of work - much more than you might think - especially with my rate.

Don't get me wrong - to my brothers in the middle east or in combat zones anywhere in the world - Nothing but respect for you guys and everything you do. Thank you. Personally - I would rather be one a steel tube at crush depth - seems safer to me.

I plan to return to college and study something in either computer/electronics engineering or health and biology. Nutritionist sounds pretty interesting.

Anyways... this is more like a novel about me... to sum up:

I adore my wife, punch emo-kids and gush over kittens... It's just who I am.

-the monkey in the navy

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  1. Great post! I had never seen one written like this -straight from the hubby's perspective :o) It's wonderful that you and your Ducky share a talent and love for dancing! Like I commented on her post about her, maybe one day you can open up a dance studio.

    Stay safe and thank you for your military service!

    Blessings & Aloha!