Monday, February 25, 2013


If you follow my fitness blog, or see me in the gym, you know I’ve got a thing for the Viewsport line of sweat activated shirts. “Sweat Activated?”, you ask. Yes, these shirts are treated with a special technology that makes words appear when you get your sweat on!

GO HAM ViewSport ShirtMotivational Graphics on the front like “Beast Mode” and “No One Ever Drowned In Their Own Sweat” are accompanied by sweat-activated support lines like “Train Harder”, or “BOOM!”

The quotes on the front are enough to make me love these shirts, but the surprise messages are icing on the awesome-cake! I just received these four new shirts a couple of days ago and am totally ready to get them sweaty!
New Viewsport Springline
Check out the entire Spring line on at the Viewsport Website. The Spring line is the first page under the Men’s and Women’s tabs.

Ready to get your own sweat-activated goodness?! Use promo code "funkyfitness" for 10% off your order!

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