Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hubby's home and Spartan Race stuff.


So, I've been hanging out in Port Orchard and Silverdale for ever and a day patiently waiting on my sailor who just got back from a little shorty underway. Took him over 24hours to even get off the boat and I've seen him for a grand total of about 6 hours. He's back at work so I'm blogging to kill time.

Later, I'm going into P.O. to check out a little fitness fair that's going on. They are demoing something called Bokwa and I wanted to check that out.

So, in other news... this fitness blog thing is kinda getting crazy. I've been given discount codes for mud runs this summer. Thought I'd share with you. I know ya'll are an adventurous bunch of ladies. (You did choose military men after all!)

For any Spartan Race (in the US) I have a 15% of link and a Free race entry give away --> Click here

For Dirty Girl fun mud run I have a 20% off code (I'm not sure if thats good for all races or just the Portland race though) --> Click here


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