Thursday, August 15, 2013

Protect your rock while you sweat | For gym or play, #putaringcozyonit

Hello all! It's been a while! Things are crazy round these parts. Sorry I haven't been around. To say sorry, here's a fun giveaway from my fitness blog. ;)

I don’t remember how I found the Kickstarter for Ring Cozy but I’m glad I did. It’s one of those random finds that totally makes your day. Such a simple but ingenious solution; as most of the best ones are.

They didn’t end up getting fully funded but kept on kickin’ anyway! I was glad because I really wanted one, and I got it! It’s pink, and I love it. (Sorry, pink isn’t an option at the moment for the rest of ya’ll. But keep reading to see how to WIN a grey or teal colored one!

Generally, at the gym we take our rings off and leave them in our locker to keep them from getting damaged. But, then this presents its own set of hazards. It could get lost, it could get stolen, or it could get damaged by rattling around in a purse or gym bag pocket. Then, there are just those days where you can’t even get your ring off come gym time without soap and a separate ring-tugging Olympic event.

Fellow ring-lover, Ana Maria Muñoz, has devised a simple, elegant and fairly fashionable solution to this dilemma. Put a ring cozy on it, suggests the hashtag reflecting the same sentiment.

Ring Cozy Image

Ring cozy is a super supple neoprene sleeve with a slightly grippy back that fits over your ring, while on your finger, to protect it from nicks and dings from metal-on-metal wear at the gym. It is also equally useful when doing outdoor activities where one might find their hands coming in contact with hard object such as rocks, hand railings, sports equipment, or an inadvertent meeting with the pavement. Also equally useful for water sports to keep your ring from slipping off in the water.

Ring Cozy Image

The uses go on and on. Any time you want to protect your ring and your rock. There is actually a Ring Cozy style designed specifically to nestle your rock and keep it protected.

Ring Cozy Image

At first I was concerned that it might be too bulky. It wasn’t, it’s very supple and doesn’t bunch. I also thought that it might affect my grip during crossfit. Only a very teeny bit, but not enough to make a difference. Nothing a little more chalk couldn’t fix. If I were lifting heavy enough to make a difference, that might be one of the few cases when I shouldn’t be wearing my ring anyway.

Kettle bell swings without any wedding ring di...
Overall, I was very pleased with it and wear it every time I’m at the gym. I get a lot of comments on it, all about what a great idea it is and where can they get one! Well, you can get one here:

So, whether you play indoors or out, put a ring cozy on it and make sure your ring stays safe and sound and free of dings and scratches.

OH but wait!!! You can also WIN a Ring Cozy 3-pack* here! Click through to the Rafflecopter entry form for many easy ways to enter! Ends Wednesday, August 21 at midnight.

*3-pack will contain 3 Ring Cozies all in the same color and size. Winner to choose the color and size from those available up verification.

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