Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, relatively uneventful past week as Ducky said, i can put out a couple cool things though. Somewhere in us learning about ship's control systems. I got a pretty cool compliment from one of my instructors. He suggested i qualify CoW (Chief of the Watch) because of how much information i could spit out on the topic. This is a compliment in part because it is not possible. In order to stand CoW you have to be much higher ranking. So i thought that was cool.

We got moved to yellow card liberty status, which means i can wear civis again. Always nice, i do so love my shorts.

I wore the "im on a boat" t-shirt out today, got quite a few compliments on that...

Also! I would like to comment that hoodia is AMAZING. Kills my appetite crazy well. I can feel a difference when i do and do not have it. On days that i have it i literally eat about 1/3 what i normally would. Dont worry, Im far from starving. It takes the edge off of cravings really well so even if you get really hungry you arent craving sugar and crap so its easier to eat healthy as well. You have to take a lot of it though, i am taking about 1400-2100mg per day, I havent read that there is any problem with this.

Its hell here, just like i expected. it was 70 degrees today, i was sweating just walking to class which makes me very very angry. and its freakin January. What is it with this place?

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  1. Lol, you actually the shirt? Awesome! Totally cool that someone says you should go for CoW, very proud of you.

    Now for the motherly bitching. advice, nagging or whatever you call it these days:

    You are taking too much Hoodia, it is not good for you in those amounts. With the issues you had after taking that other freakin stuff, what was that called? Its not good on your kidneys after prolonged use. Please Please dont take it every day in those amounts. Arg...now I am worried about you.

    Ok, done with the mom nagging stuff. Its just because I love you.