Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, where to begin! Basically i messed up setting my alarm clock (100% my own dumb fault) and as a result was 20 minutes late to class. This resulted in me being fired from my class-leader position.

However, my instructor said that he and the chiefs didn't want to do it and might offer it to me again in the future. He repeated that i set the bar for class-leaders very high and he thought i did an outstanding job. Just cant be late. Not even once. I agree.

Anyways! Had 3 exams already. They are not too easy. I have a "mid-term" tomorrow that might be a bit of a challenge. This is by far the hardest class i have ever taken. It tops everything. And the stakes are high, if you fail two tests, you loose your sign-on bonus and will either be kicked out of the navy or kicked out of the submarine force. These guys are not joking. These kids on the fast attack boats have no idea.

Speaking of sign-on bonuses! I got mine! wasn't as much as i thought it would be, damned thing was taxed all to hell. Anyways, I applied 90% of it to my student loans. Today i literally cut my debt in half! And by the way - no more dings on my credit report as of march, that's when the last one goes away. Booyah! It feels good. I paid off two of the three student loans, the one from PCC is gone, as well as the subsidised Stafford loan from Cambridge. So just one left. Its the largest of the three naturally but I'm using dad's snow-ball thing so it will be going away very quickly. I think im gonna let this one pay off through payments though, so that i have some history, but that's not for sure yet. I will of course take advice and do what is best.

I had a very interesting encounter with the self-checkout girl at Walmart today. It was quite funny. Allow me to set the stage... I had to buy some towels and things of the like for my bathroom. My buddy was purchasing some clothes for his deployment this coming week. He forgot his credit card so i gave him mine. This held up the line a little bit since i had to leave my register thingy.

I came back to my register, and i couldn't find the barcode on the towels. I asked the girl for help and she came over and pointed it out to me, then scanned it for me.

Me: "Okay I'm just a dummy."
Her: "Yeah, you are." (sarcasm)

She proceeded to take all my towels and repeat this process.

Me: "Its okay, i can get the rest..."

Her: "No, its fine - I dont trust you."

Me: "Owned....."

Her: "...Movin' all slow for hours! holding up the line!"

Me: "Well.... maybe i just wanted you to come over and help me." ;-)

Her: "Nice approach!"

Me: "I'm sure you'd like to think so."

BOOYAH! ROFL! that was funny as hell, perhaps you had to be there. Anyways, my buddy and i found it quite amusing.


  1. OK, so proud of you on the loan thingy. Good job honey. I am so happy you are making better choices than I did. What is dads snow ball thing?

    Getting fired? Well that kinda sucks, but those are pretty strict rules.

    Walmart adventure? Do you have to be such an incredible flirt? You have a beautiful wife at home, every woman in Georgia needs to know this. LOL. I am going to have Jim make you a shirt that says you are taken and any time you get liberty you have to wear it...hehehe. I am just kidding.

  2. I like this t-shirt idea! :D
    In his defense... he did totally blow her off at the end. (Though it was kinda mean)

  3. SHe started being mean first - and yes i blew her off pretty hardcore!

    Nothing can replace my ducky.

  4. Good one son. Good one. Haha! :)

    Keep up with your good work. I am so proud of all the progress you have made, it is awesome. Doesn't it make you feel empowered?

    P.S.S.S.S.S.Sx10 : We are still waiting on your new address information so we can send you stuff......dork.

    Love you!


  5. He still doesn't have one! He's got a back log of tastey treats and gifts sitting here waiting for it too!! :)