Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She's so wonderful!

Hehe. So, Katrina being the wonderful woman she is wants me to blog, and i shall oblige! She so cute, i love her to much!

Day 1:
Last few days have been kinda busy. Tony picked me up at the airport late Sunday night, went to a hotel until Monday morning. Met his "sea-dad" (ET2) at 0930. ET2 brought along the person who was his own sea-dad when he was a nub, (also an ET2, we will call him ET2b). I hadn't been able to get in contact with my own - so ET2b was nice enough to help me out and get me a barracks room.

I still had to get off of leave somehow though, so i kept calling my boat, my crew is the "off-crew" right now. My division LCPO (Leading Chief Petty Officer) ETCS instructed me to bring my service record to TriTraFac (Trident Training Facility, or "TTF"). So i brought it there and in a round about way they got me off of leave after filling out this annoying packet of paper-work. Then i pretty much took the rest of the day to unpack.

This is when i bumped into ETSR Will, and ETSN Eric - two blokes from the Alaska Nav Division (the division i report to after school). Will is recently qualified and has been in the navy for about three years, but he is paygrade E1 because he has been to Captain's Mast 4 times. Eric is a non-qual like myself, but he has been out to sea. There will be more about these guys further down.

Day 2:
I mustered with ACU at 0730. Then went and shredded papers for about an hour and a half in what was the most diabolical paper shredder i have ever seen. This thing may take over the world in 2012, and it was sweet papery destruction over and over, until LM1 pulled me out to send me to the ET Class-up, and meet my instructor. This of course lead to just more cleaning since i don't actually start class until Monday.

---Here is how i earned class leader---

I was cleaning the ET Chief's office from 0900 or so to 1600 (lunch was in there and i will explain how i got my division in trouble). But everyone who was in charge of me left between 1300-1400. Nobody told me when to leave or when to come back. So, having been given no instructions, i did what apparently few people do.... Standard navy day ends at about 1600, so i continued cleaning until that time (and apparently did a very good job). Then i went and got a first class petty officer to sign a sticky note saying that i was there until 1600. I also wrote on the sticky note that i would report back in at 0730 unless otherwise directed, and left my phone number so that they could in fact direct me otherwise if needed.

Basically, i did two critical things,

A) Did the right thing, instead of just ducking out when i realized nobody was around.
B) Covered my own ass, with the signature and note.

This impressed the ET department LCPO -ETC- so much that he was bragging about it to the whole building for an hour or so this morning (the third day morning). So, the instructors decided it was so cool that i should be class leader.

---How i got my division in trouble---

So during my lunch break, I bumped into Will and Eric again. I wanted to meet my division so i went with them on my lunch break to meet everybody. My division is HUGE! i think there are at least 15 guys (Tony's boat has 9). They gave me a little hard time about looking like a terrorist, asked me if i liked fairies and what-not. It was all pretty funny to me. But apparently ETCS didn't think so. So after i left, they called me back in because ETCS wanted them all to apologize to me. This was completely not necessary seeing as how they didnt offend me at all, they were in fact much nicer than i had expected. This turned into me having to tell the CoB (Chief of the Boat) everything they said. Then when i was done i had to report back to TTF while ETCS and the CoB chewed out the division. I felt bad.

Day 3
Not so much went on today, finished cleaning chief's office this morning before lunch. Took some of my lunch break to hang out with my division in a trainer. Came back up and basically bull-shitted with a few guys in my class for a while. Then I was informed that i was class leader and they dismissed us for the day. Im super tired though becaise i have been running on 4 hours of sleep for 3 days running. Took about an hour knap (yes this is how i spell it, you can do nothing to change it) today.

Got to see my Qual-card for the boat though. Pretty excited to get out there and kick some ass!

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  1. Yah! You posted something. I am so happy. I think I understood about half of what you were saying since the other half was all acronyms. And yes, your wife is wonderful and so thoughtful to have done this...for It's almost as good as you, dare I say it, having a FB page. I am sure Katrina is just sick of me always asking how you are, lol. Anyway, I love this. And even though I have a feeling your lovely wife will be doing most of the posting, it still makes me feel closer to you and part of what you are doing (wait, don't make her take it down because I said that). Thank you so much Katrina, it means more to me than you know. Love you B, don't make her do all the work on here.