Monday, January 11, 2010

Read this: "Loose lips sink ships" still applies.

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From: "Keep Your Family Safe: Practice Operational Security On Social Media" and other sources.

Today while exploring other blogs and Navy resources I came to learn about OPSEC rules and that they apply to ALL of us. Below is a short list of information that I will not be posting to this blog. If a post is vague, this is why. If you need more information then you already know how to contact me.

Please also follow these guidelines yourself when on other social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, myspace, blogging, email, etc.
For example, as excited as we all may be, do not write, "Hooray, his boat will be returning to XX base on XX date!"

When communicating on social media sites do not post the following information:

- Sailors' Names. This includes your username if you share the same last name as your son or daughter. If you scan in a picture of an article that contains your Sailor’s name, make sure to black it out first. If it is an online Navy article or news article that you are reposting, do not publicly identify the mentioned Sailor as your son or daughter.
- No Sailor addresses, emails, or other contact information.
- Exact deployment dates or return dates. This applies to ships, subs, squadrons and individual augmentees.
- Dates or location of a ship's upcoming ports of call.
- Detailed information about a mission.
- References to trends in crew's morale or an individual's personal problems.
- Details concerning security procedures, response times or tactics.
- Information about equipment readiness.
- Speculations about future operations.

Information on the appropriate use of social media within the Navy is available at DoD's social media hub has created videos and articles on the best practices for service members and their families when using social networking sites. These can be found at Likewise a short presentation by Navy Public Affairs on privacy and safety of personnel participating on line can be found at More information regarding OPSEC can be obtained by Navy command personnel at

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  1. Ugh, so many rules. I guess I can understand though. Still, its hard to remember it all. For the safety of my son I will follow them.