Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sailor say what?

For those among us who don't yet have all those collections of letters in our vocabularies, here is a partial list of acronyms and other definitions to help you out. I'll update this as I figure the rest out. Or, perhaps I'll get him to fill in the blanks for me. :)  Some of these were defined in the post but I'll re list them here, too. As more crop up, I'll add them to this post.

ET: Electronics Technician rating designation
ET1: Electronics Technician 1st Class
ETSR: Electronics Technician Seaman Recruit (E1) 
ET2: Electronics Technician 2nd Class, etc
ETSN: Electronics Technician Seaman (E3)
ETCS: Senior Chief Electronics Technician

CoB: Chief of the Boat

LCPO: Leading Chief Petty Officer


ACU: Awaiting Class Unit

TTF: TriTraFac (Trident Training Facility)
Trident: The class of submarine he's on  > Images and info about his boat!

Captain's Mast: non-judicial disciplinary hearing  > More Info

BAH: Basic Allowance Housing 

knap: This is how he chooses to spell 'nap'. Because he likes it better that way. Don't try to correct him on this, it will only cause him to purposely misspell other words. :)

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  1. Ahh, thank you it makes more sense now...I think, lol.