Monday, January 18, 2010

I know! I know!

We haven't posted anything in a few days. It's been a pretty eventless few days I guess. Nothing too exciting going on over there. Just class and duty and the usual. There are a couple small things that wouldn't be worth my posting, but would be better served from first hand and more detailed point of view. (Getting invited to hang out with some new guys, and adventures in phone musters, and um.. white card run-ins at walmart: I think it was walmart) Anyway...

Every time I call him he's been watching BSG (Battle Star Galactica, for you non sci-fi geek types) with Tony. Including right now. So don't you worry. He's not being worked too hard. :)

I'm just waiting for him to get his real internet back so we can have our 'sofa sundays'. Which is basically the web cam approximation of chillin' on the couch all day. Right now he has mobile internet on his computer but he's got a 5G limit per month. Streaming video eats that up in a few hours, so we can only do an hour or two at a time.

Well, I think that's really about it. If I think of anything I'll add it to this. Hopefully, he'll give us a more eloquent update, as he usually does, soon.


  1. of course i will, just gotta finish BSG! Love love love love you ducky!!!

  2. When does he get his normal internet back? Well I am glad to know he has BSG, FYE had almost all of the seasons for half off and I almost got him some, but I ended up with like $200 worth and that was after the discount so I opted not to since I didn't know which ones he has. And man, if I had, he wouldnt post ever since he says he needs to finish BSG before he does again.