Friday, January 8, 2010

Geo-Bachelor's pad

Yesterday they told him that the barracks that have so far been considered temporary will now be his permanent digs. He is what they consider a "geo-bach". Basically, a Bachelor by geography since I don't live there with him. *sigh*  This also means that they consider him to be 'double dipping' in that they pay him BAH (Basic Allowance Housing) while also housing him on base. Because of this he is in 'sub' housing. More or less they mean 'sub-standard' but it's not as bad as that sounds. The barracks there are a little less dorm-like than they were in Groton where he had two other room mates in the same living space. In Kings Bay the standard housing has a common living space for [I think] two people, with private bedrooms off of it with doors, and locks.

Sub housing is more like Groton but I believe he will only have one roomie. Right now he has the room to himself but they told him that someone will show up, some time. That's very Navy of them, right? From what I can see on the web cam the space seems to be a little larger and has a full sized fridge and a microwave that is also a toaster! So, overall a step up, except that when he got there the bathroom was so dirty that he was afraid to shower. Ewww...

He's also being told that next year they may not allow them to double dip and only 4% of the barracks will be for geo-bach's. That means that he will either receive BAH and live off base OR have housing in the barracks. He would no longer be able to live in the Barracks and receive extra money for housing. But, that's next year and it's still just a maybe at this point. A small detail to worry about later.

Oh yeah... the other thing that's different about these barracks... they're co-ed. *raises left eyebrow*
I have no official opinion on this matter at this time. "But don't worry, [his] room mate is a dude."

UPDATE: Ok, so shortly after reading this he took be on a little web cam tour of his room and showed me how things are set up. It's not soo bad with the whole co-ed thing. The rooms actually open up to the outside like apartments or a motel. I guess thats...fine. :)

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  1. OMG...they are making me so mad. At least he has a private room now though. Still, they are being so stingy. OK, I will be quiet now before I say too much.

    LOL on the co-ed thing....I really dont think you haev anything to worry about, he is absolutely crazy in love with you.